Nature explorers at Brimham Rocks

Brimham Nature Explorers Pond Dipping

Join us for 2020’s Nature explorer sessions which run at Brimham once per month during most months of the year. The themes vary throughout the year with activities all focusing on nature activities through either senses, crafts, art and building.

At Brimham Rocks and the National Trust we strongly believe that giving people a chance to engage with nature is something that can be rewarding for everyone. Simply taking a walk through a park or the countryside can bring so much joy as well as health benefits, both physically and mentally. There's huge amounts of fun and excitement too with no end of activities to enjoy.

Construction well under way on a new bird box
Brimham Rocks Bird Box Building 2020
Construction well under way on a new bird box

Last year at Brimham Rocks we started a new range of nature themed activities under the name 'Nature Explorers'. Not only do they allow people to engage with nature but they also do in a variety of ways. They also link to the National Trust's scheme of 50 Things to do before you're 11¾ . Have a look at the article below for more information about 50 Things.

Brimham Den Building

50 things to do before you're 11¾

Explore, build, make, create, learn and engage with nature. Check out what you can do with the National Trust's '50 things to do before you're 11¾' adventures.

The Nature explorers session take place on a single day per month of the year, with the exception of August, December and January. You can can drop in to most activities either between 11am-1pm or 2pm-4pm and most are free to join in. Sessions in February, April, and October can be exceptions to these rules so it's important to check for these months..

Here’s a list of forthcoming Nature explorer workshops planned for 2020:

  • Sunday 22 March: Nature explorers – 50 Things launch  - Cancelled
  • Tuesdays & Thursdays, 7, 9, 14 & 16 April: Rock explorers
  • Sunday 17 May Nature explorers – Get to know a tree
  • Sunday 14 June – Nature explorers – Wild walling
  • Sunday 12 July – Nature explorers – Pond dipping
  • Sunday 13 September – Nature explorers – 50 Things Extravaganza
  • October half term - Broom making workshops
  • Sunday 15 November- Nature explorers – Campfire cooking