Walking at Brimham Rocks

Walks and activities at Brimham Rocks and the surrounding Nidderdale countryside - an area of outstanding natural beauty.

Use your smartphone / tablet or a GPS device to track down some named rock formations and views. You’ll find the PDF download on our Things to see and do page.

Are you interested in learning about the rocks and how they came to be? Try our Step into Brimham (PDF / 2.2MB) download  walk to learn more about the geology.

If you are fascinated by the shapes and forms of the rocks try out this Spot the Rocks (PDF / 0.6MB) download   walk at Brimham Rocks. This is particularly good for keeping the attention of the younger members of the family.

Scroll down to the guides for these walks from Brimham Rocks -

  • Circular walk of the rocks. (1.3 miles)
  • Brimham boundary walk. (3.3 miles)
  • Moorland and meadows. (4.5 miles)
  • Woodlands and Waterfalls. (4.7 miles)
  • Pastures and panoramas walk (5.8 miles)
  • In the footsteps of the monks.(7.5 miles)
  • Pateley Bridge circular or walk and ride. (8.4 miles or fewer with a bus ride)

For the more independent walker there is the possibility to set off on the Nidderdale Way, the 53-mile circular walk in the Yorkshire Dales.

Brimham Boundary Walk

Brimham Boundary Walk

This walk takes you around much of the boundary of Brimham Rocks with beautiful panoramic views.

Download a fully illustrated printable and mobile friendly version Site Boundary Walk (PDF / 1.9MB) download

Strangely shaped rocks at Brimham Rocks, North Yorkshire

Circular walk at Brimham Rocks

This short walk will show you the highlights of Brimham from the amazing rock formations to the fantastic heather moorland.

Pastures and Panoramas Walk

Pastures and panoramas walk at Brimham Rocks

This walk takes you through pastures in Nidderdale with beautiful panoramic views across the dale.

Download a fully illustrated printable and mobile friendly version Brimham Pastures and Panoramas Walk (PDF / 2.3MB) download

Brimham Rocks, North Yorkshire

Moorland and meadows walk at Brimham Rocks

Enjoy the magnificent long distance views as you walk through moorland and meadows near Brimham Rocks, where you can see for miles on a clear day.

Download a fully illustrated printable and mobile friendly version Brimham Moorlands and Meadows Walk (PDF / 1.3MB) download

The Monk's Footsteps in Autumn

In the Footsteps of Monks

Walk in the monks' footsteps from Brimham Rocks to Fountains Abbey, following the ancient trail. There are excellent views from Riva Hill to Brimham Rocks.

Download a fully illustrated printable and mobile friendly version  In the monks footsteps Brimham (PDF / 1.8MB) download

Viewpoint over Nidderdale from Panorama Way

Brimham Rocks to Pateley Bridge circular walk or walk & ride

This walk takes you by the river Nidd to Pateley Bridge, returning via the Nidderdale Way. You can also walk to Pateley Bridge and then take a bus back to Summerbridge. (Check bus timetables first.)

Download a fully illustrated printable and mobile friendly version Pateley Bridge Circular Walk (PDF / 2.2MB) download


Woodlands and Waterfalls Walk from Brimham Rocks

Woodlands and Waterfalls - following Fell Beck to the River Nidd

Follow Fell Beck downstream through woodland to the River Nidd, returning to Brimham Rocks past pastures and meadows.

Download a fully illustrated printable and mobile friendly version Woodlands and Waterfalls Walk (PDF / 2.1MB) download