Mindful yoga at Brimham Rocks

Mindful yoga at Brimham Rocks

Mindfulness is something we all naturally possess and practising being present in the moment can help us gain more enjoyment from life. Brimham Rocks has often been described as calming and inspirational and is the perfect place to explore mindfulness.

Join yoga instructor Caroline to practice gentle yoga postures and sequences to unwind tension from the body and improve flexibility and strength while exploring your connection to nature.

The Autumn Equinox is the perfect time to explore balance in our Yoga practice. And Yoga is the perfect way to bring balance to body and mind.
At the Autumn Equinox there is a shift of emphasis from Sun to Moon, light to dark, action to contemplation, fruitfulness to composting, building up to letting go, and from movement to stillness. Now is a good time to pause after the activity of the growing season and consider how best to recuperate, regenerate, and replenish our energy.
We will be exploring these themes through Asana practice and meditation. The class is suitable for beginners or more experienced practitioners. Please bring a Yoga mat (if you have one) and a blanket too.

Monday 23 September, 10am - 12pm, £10pp (normal car parking charges apply). Booking essential, please call 07837996058 to book. Depending on the weather the class may take place indoors or in a secluded spot outdoors. Please meet at the visitor centre where you can enjoy magical views of the rocks while you relax and unwind.

Come back in January for the next mindful yoga class to celebrate the start of the new year and set intentions for 2020.

Caroline Salter has practised yoga for more than 20 years and has been a teacher for more than 15. The style of yoga she teaches is a varied hatha, often inspired by nature and the changing seasons, and her classes are friendly and inclusive.

A tendency towards anxiety and a desire to fully enjoy the richness of life brought her to the practise of mindfulness which she has found to be transformative. Wishing to share the benefit with others she trained to be a Mindfulness teacher with the Mindfulness Association in 2015 and 2016. She has a particular interest in the healing benefits of Mindfulness meditation and yoga especially in relation to stress and anxiety.

Yoga instructor Caroline practicing yoga at Brimham.
Yoga at Brimham Rocks, North Yorkshire
Yoga instructor Caroline practicing yoga at Brimham.