Natural dyeing workshops at Brimham Rocks

Natural dyeing workshop at Brimham Rocks, North Yorkshire

Come and enjoy a day of creative inspiration. Discover the pure magic of natural dye as you learn to dye wool in the beautiful environment of Brimham Rocks.

Spend time in the great outdoors with your experienced tutor Bron Harlow, gathering a selection of botanicals from the surroundings to produce an array of unusual, organic and beautiful shades. For example, from one elderflower bush we can use the leaves, bark, stems and berries and end up wit a lovely array of dyed wool skeins from yellows and oranges to greens, pinks and purples. Bron will teach you how to alter the shades achieved using iron and copper. At the end of the day you will leave with a selection of woollen yarn, fibre and fabric.

Please bring secateurs, rubber gloves, a bag to collect plant materials in, notebook, and lunch. Tea, coffee and cake will be provided.

You can join a Natural Dyeing workshop at Brimham this year on 25 September or 12 October. For £60 a person you can book your place here. There is also an additional £7 charge for materials on the day.

We'll be using botanicals collected from Brimham on the day to dye wool.
Using botanicals from site to dye wools at Brimham, North Yorkshire.
We'll be using botanicals collected from Brimham on the day to dye wool.

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