Visit Father Christmas at Brimham Rocks

Father Christmas at brimham Rocks, North Yorkshire

Why does Father Christmas come to Brimham? He likes the wide open spaces – it makes a nice change from the narrow chimneys and crowded shops not to mention the busy toy factories.

The rocks remind him of icebergs up at the North Pole, especially if they are frosty or covered with snow.  He likes the way children can run about in the fresh air before coming to see him.

It’s nice to meet Father Christmas away from all the shopping in town, to see him under the blue sky.  After all Father Christmas likes the sky.  It’s where he flies in his sleigh.

Sometimes on Christmas Eve, he rests his sleigh on top of the Turtle Rock and takes a little pause in between visiting the towns and cities of Yorkshire.

He likes to see the way the quartz crystals glitter in the rocks in the moonlight and the lichen on the rocks reminds the reindeer of their favourite food.

Of course, in his sleigh he is bringing the gifts to put in all the stockings the children have hung up.  But he sees that at Brimham Rocks some of the greatest gifts of nature are there for all to enjoy.

If you want to meet Father Christmas at Brimham this year on 16 or 17 December, call 01423 780688 to make sure that he has a present waiting for you.