Would volunteering suit you?

You’ve time on your hands. You’re free from work or the kids have left home or you’ve moved to the area or you’re newly retired. You are wondering what to do. You’re thinking….. “Well I’ve got to keep active – physically and mentally. I can walk everyday – but sometimes it seems a bit pointless. All the people I used to see at work – to nod to, greet, listen to, talk to – I don’t see them at all now. No regular place to go to. It would be nice to find something new to get interested in. So what about volunteering. Maybe for the National Trust – I like visiting their places. Trouble is I’m not sure that would get me out and about enough…”

Consider Brimham Rocks:
This is an outdoor site.  A Site of Special Scientific Interest where extraordinary rock formations millions of years old attract thousands of visitors every year.
It could fit what you need:
It’s mostly in the spring and summer that you’re needed.
It’s outside in the sunshine (not so much need for volunteers in the rain as there are few visitors in bad weather)
You need to be (gently) physically active, walking around the site.
Lots of families like to visit as well as walkers and enthusiasts.  Lots of folk to greet, talk to and show around.
Good idea to learn something about the place – its history, its geology, its nature – things to tell the visitors.
You can pick for yourself how frequently you’d like to be part of the team.
It’s not a long day – 5 hours maybe.
There’s a sense of purpose in helping people enjoy their day
(Oh and you get free membership of the National Trust!!)
Now does that tick the boxes for you?
For more information about volunteering opportunities at Brimham Rocks look here.