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Percy the Park Keeper's winter wander trail at Brockhampton

Sat 04 Dec 2021
This winter, treat your little ones to a world of adventures at Brockhampton on the Percy the Park Keeper's winter wander trail.


A drone photograph of paths being created in the new orchards

Reimagining orchards at Brockhampton

The fruit orchards at Brockhampton engulf the medieval manor house and beyond. Discover how the National Trust are extending the orchards at this special place to increase habitats and the visitor journey. Spanning over sixty-five acres, these orchards are the largest in the Trust's care.


Our work

Ash tree silhouettes taken from the ground looking up towards the sky

Tackling Ash Dieback at Brockhampton  

Due to a severe outbreak of Ash Dieback on the estate we will be felling infected trees on the estate which pose a high risk to people and property. Find out more about this invasive fungal disease and discover what we are doing here to try and tackle it.



cattle lying in front of manor house

Discover six hundred years of history  

Brockhampton is an ancient estate nestled in the dramatic Herefordshire hills. It has been utilised since the early Middle Ages and features a wealth of interesting features such as a ruined Norman chapel. Despite being so old, the manor has changed little over the centuries.



A close up shot of a worker bee with two orange pollen sacs on either back leg.

Wildlife at Brockhampton  

Many plants and animals call Brockhampton home. Over the next three years we will be increasing the orchards here and surrounding them with wildflower meadows increasing the diversity of habitat for our local wildlife.


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