Caring for wildlife and our 50 year vision

A common frog on a ranger's sleeve

The outdoors team at Brockhampton Estate brave the elements year round to maintain the 1700 acres of parkland.

Creating a home for wildlife 

We take a more traditional approach to land management on the estate using natural resources where possible and being as wildlife friendly as possible.

We try and take extra steps towards promoting a healthy habitat for wildlife whether it be laying hedgerows or hanging bird boxes. Over the years we have seen more and more wildlife come to reside on the estate and we aim to keep this a safe place for every tree, plant and creature. 

A newt and toad at Brockhampton
A moved stone revels a newt and toad.
A newt and toad at Brockhampton

50 year vision

A 50 year vision has been created by the National Trust to develop eight of their large estates, including Brockhampton to prioritise natural areas for wildlife and to create a rich and diverse habitat throughout.

Working closely with our tenant farmers, we will be looking into restoring and prioritising natural habitats such as lowland meadows, orchards, arable, hedges, woodland, soil and water.

Two Mallard ducks on the moat

The benefits to our visitors would include wider access to the countryside and nature whilst continuing the tradition of farming on the estate, which has taken place here over the past millennium. Through the scheme we hope to gain an understanding of the benefits currently being delivered by our land, its significance within the wider landscape, and threats and opportunities affecting it. 

Nest box surveys reveal all sorts of nature!
An open nest box reveals tiny blue tit chicks
Nest box surveys reveal all sorts of nature!