Christmas at Brockhampton Estate

Brockhampton moated manor house in snow

Discover how medieval people celebrated Christmas in the the frost filled wonderland of Brockhampton Estate.

Sir John Savile Household celebrating Christmas in the great hall
Medieval reenactors Christmas feast
Sir John Savile Household celebrating Christmas in the great hall

In the Manor House

Experience Christmas from a more simple time where the focus was on food and family. Explore the ruined chapel that would have been the focus of the Christmas preparations here at Brockhampton.

This year we are leaping into the world of Sylvesta the Jester who will bring songs and merriment to your early Christmas time. Ideal for families, let Slyvesta put some medieval fun into your Christmas this year.

Delving deeper into medieval times the Sir John Savile Household will show you how the families of the moated manor house would have prepared for a Christmas feast. The foods and harvest from the whole estate would have been brought together to feed the Domoulton family that called the manor house home.

Out in the countryside

Brockhampton upper parkland winter landscape
Brockhampton parkland and dog in snow
Brockhampton upper parkland winter landscape

Step out into the wintery wonderland that is the countryside at Brockhampton estate and explore the beauty of the rolling landscapes and parkland. An ideal time for spotting winter wildlife and admiring the stark beauty of trees in winter.

Magical mini Christmas

For little ones why not help in the search for the orchard elves, the magical amd mystical creatures that call Brockhampton home and search for their elvish dwellings amongst the orchard trees.


As Christmas looms closer on the calendar we will be celebrating traditions old and new with some atmospheric carols sung in the ancient timber framed hall at the manor house, or snuggle up by the fire in the 1950's lounge and help make some traditional Christmas paper decorations.