Volunteering at Brockhampton

A volunteer leading visitors up the wooden staircase

With the Reimagined Orchards Project taking place over the next three years as well as the general every day running of the estate there are plenty of volunteering opportunities available here at Brockhampton.

We’re always looking for extra help at Brockhampton from room guides who help inform and guard the manor house to countryside roles to help maintain the 1,700 acre estate. If you’d like to try something new then why not give us a ring or email and see what kind of roles we can offer you. As well as helping us care for this special place you’ll also be able to take away good experience too. Volunteering always looks excellent on a CV and can be a very rewarding thing to do. You’ll meet new friends along the way and be able to learn more and practice in an area you are passionate about, be it local history or learning new techniques such as hedge-laying.

If you've got a passion for places and people why not volunteer?
A volunteer speaking to visitors outside the gatehouse
If you've got a passion for places and people why not volunteer?

Examples of roles include:

Visitor Experience-If you like being hands-on and are creative then this may be the role for you. Visitor Experience is all about delivering memorable events and experiences. If you’re a real people person with a crafty flare then why not try your hand at helping us create children’s trails, story-telling activities or running craft sessions?

Visitor Reception-Help us meet and greet at Brockhampton, you’ll be the face of this special place as you help welcome visitors and assure they get everything out of their visit they expected. You can also help with our important fundraising; we heavily rely on donations being a heritage and nature charity so selling raffle tickets and generally talking to visitors about the work the National Trust does makes a huge difference and we greatly appreciate any support we can get.

" I can be part of the message that is telling visitors how the National Trust are conserving properties and parkland forever, for everyone. "
- Carol, Visitor Reception volunteer

Retail assistant-If you’d like to gain some experience in retail then why not come along and give The Granary a go? The lovely team will help support you in working with stock and serving drinks if you’d like to learn how. This really is a buzzing hive of activity, the day will always go quickly whilst you’re in here and the visitors simply love our strong coffee!

Join the countryside team-This is our most popular department to volunteer in and it’s not hard to see why when you see just how lovely the countryside is at Brockhampton. This team is split into two; we have the ranger-type roles who’ll help build and fix fences, lay hedges, dig culverts and more whereas the other half tend to the gardens. What could be nicer than pottering in the manor house garden on a warm sunny day?

" I have learnt new skills such as stone walling and hedge laying to name but a few, also the work is so varied you just don't know what you'll be asked to do next! "
- Brian-Volunteer Ranger

Room guides-Discover the history of Brockhampton and share it with others, you’ll meet so many different faces every day. Help protect the manor by keeping an eye out and you can even dress up if you like. We are always open to ideas too, we currently have one volunteer who does cooking demonstrations in the manor, we think it’s a lovely idea to keep Brockhampton as a hive of activity and keep the house alive with happy and curious visitors.   

If you’d like to try your hand at volunteering then get in touch. You can do it as often as you’d like, there are no set hours, we are just grateful for some extra help. We will also cover the cost of your travel to get to and from Brockhampton and tea and cake is always available in the break room as a big thank you. We also encourage volunteers to get involved in meetings; as a volunteer your input is important to us as Brockhampton couldn’t run without you’re generous support and time. So why not give it a go, what have you got to lose?

Countryside volunteers conducting a butterfly survey
A group of volunteers sat in a meadow watching for butterflies
Countryside volunteers conducting a butterfly survey