Pick your own at Brockhampton

Walking in the wildflower meadow at Brockhampton

Herefordshire is renowned across the world for it's fruit orchards and this quiet valley near Bromyard is no exception. We have damson, apple, cherry and pear trees across the estate with 'pick your own' events this autumn.

The first to ripen are the damsons which are a member of the plum family, first introduced into this country by the Romans. They have a distinctive rich flavour and are high in sugars which make them an excellent fruit for jam making.  We grow the 'Shropshire prune' variety which is one of the oldest and traditional recipes are on display in the manor house kitchen,

Damsons are typically used to make preserves in autumn
Close view of a tree laden with ripening damsons at Hill House Farm on the Brockhampton EstateClose view of a tree laden with ripening damsons at Hill House Farm on the Brockhampton Estate

Pick your own

From Saturday 2nd September visitors can bring a bag and fill up on damsons or buy bags ready picked. October is when the apple harvest comes in and you can take your pick from ancient cider apples, eating apples and cooking apples.
Our damsons are used to make Gun Dog gin, sold in the Granary shop and are used by the catering team in delicious pies and crumbles sold in the Old Apple Store tea room.
Make sure you don't forget to buy some damson treats from the Granary shop to enjoy in your own home.

Our work in the orchards

There are 125 acres of orchard on the estate but many more have been lost over the years, As a major part of the heritage of the estate we have been undertaking a series of restoration projects. We've planted 75 fruit trees so far and have identified a further 21 acres as part of the next phase.

Replanting of Brockhampton Estate Orchards
Replanting of Brockhampton Estate Orchards

So please come and see are work, pick some fruit, or take a relaxing stroll in the woods as Autumn is the most interesting time of year here at Brockhampton. And with all of  these orchards there is always some mistletoe hanging around the corner!