Lawn Pool Restoration Project

Lawn Pool in summer with blue skies overhead

Thanks to our supporters, we are undertaking essential restoration work to the spillway at Lawn Pool to prevent erosion to the dam.

Records show that Lawn Pool has existed here since around 1769 when Thomas Leggett designed the parkland surrounding the Georgian mansion. It would have provided the perfect spot for the Barnebys, who resided in the mansion, to fish and shoot. Nowadays, it is a wildlife haven, where visitors can enjoy watching kingfishers, frogs and coots.

The pool is now in urgent need of repair work to enlarge the spillway, as currently it is not large enough to allow the rain water to pass through in storms. This causes it to overflow and erode the dam. 

Please be aware that some paths around Lawn Pool will be closed whilst this work is taking place. Please follow any diversion signs and be cautious around machinery. 

Lawn Pool is a lovely place to stop and admire the scenery.
Lawn Pool in summer with blue skies overhead
Lawn Pool is a lovely place to stop and admire the scenery.

What will happen and when?

  • We have already made repairs to the dam and rehomed badgers that were damaging the dam wall.
  • Carp, which are a non-native fish species, will be rehomed in February.
  • Restoration work to the spillway will begin in May and take approximately twelve weeks to complete. During this time, please be careful when walking near Lawn Pool because of heavy machinery on site.
  • We will lower the water level of the pool to allow the work to take place. Once the dam has been restored, the water level in the pool will be increased again.

What will happen to the fish?

The dominant fish species within the pool is currently carp. Carp is not a native fish species and feed at the bottom of the pool, which stirs up silt. This has reduced the water quality and has resulted in limited aquatic diversity.

As the pool level will need reducing to undertake the restoration work, we are using this as an opportunity to introduce native species of fish to the pool. All carp will be removed and rehomed at a local fishery in February. It is critical to complete this work whilst the water temperature is cool to minimise disturbance to the fish.

When the pool level is increased, species of native fish will be introduced. This will increase the aquatic diversity and ensure that the pool is a fantastic habitat for all the animals that rely on it.

Carp in the canals

Thanks to our supporters, we are able to restore the pool and improve habitat and biodiversity for the resident wildlife. Whilst the restoration work is disruptive in the short term, the long term benefits will ensure that Lawn Pool remains a fantastic habitat for all the animals that rely on it and a beauty spot for all to enjoy. 

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