Repairing the manor house roof

The old roof on the manor house

We apologise for the scaffolding around the Manor house at the moment. Our roof needs to be repaired and checked to ensure it is weather tight.

Contractors are repairing the roof of the manor house. This is the first time this area has been re roofed since 1948. The repair work is going well, roof timbers have been checked and replaced where needed at the front of the manor house. Roof tiles have also been throughly inspected and replaced where needed.  

Come to Brockhampton to see how the re roofing works turned out
Brockhampton manor house roof works

The scaffolding will be up for a bit longer because we have identified futher repair work which urgently needs to be carried out at the rear of the manor house. The contractors will be carrying out these works in line with our conservation principles, this means reusing as many of the existing roof tiles as possible.

At weekends the manor house will be open and accessible as usual.

Works on the manor in 1948
The manor house in 1948

The roofing contractors have to take special care in order to protect the residents of the manor house, the lovely bats which live in the roof space. As well as being an important historic building the manor house is also a wonderful protected habitat for bats. Keeping these residents happy is of primary importance for us.

We have four species of bat living in the manor house, Brown long eared, common pipistrelle, soprano pipistrelle and lesser horseshoe bat.

So please bear with us whilst these works are carried out; we are helping to ensure the building is in good condition for the future but the scaffolding will look a little out of character for a few weeks.