Springtime at Brockhampton Estate

Daffodils on the drive of Brockhampton Estate

At this time of year Brockhampton is filled with new life.

Daffodils line the driveway down to the manor house- they were planted by Val and Marion Freegard the last farmers to live at the manor.

The five farms around the estate are home to new life in the form of lambs and calves that are born in springtime.

We are looking forward to this years lambs.
Two black and white lambs
We are looking forward to this years lambs.

In the woods and parkland new shoots are sprouting. Snowdrops can be seen dotted throughout the woodlands with carpets of celandine and wood anemones adding to the beauty. In late spring bluebells begin to appear down in Paradise wood which really lives up to its name in Springtime.

Near the manor house the swallows and house martins that overwinter in Africa have begun to return and build their nests around the outside of the ancient timber framed buildings. Watching the swallows swoop and dive over the manor house moat has to be one of the most joyful sights at this time of year. They feast on the insects that live in the moat to feed their young.

At Grove pool you can hire a pond dipping kit and explore the creatures that live underwater.

In the manor house the resident bats have begun to return to their maternity roost- ask the house team what we do to protect and support these special creatures that share the ancient building with us.

damson orchard in blossom near Brockhampton manor house
white damson blossoms in orchard with moated manor house in background
damson orchard in blossom near Brockhampton manor house

In the orchards the damson trees burst into bloom and the trees are covered with the beautiful white petals. The blossom is very fragile so if we have strong winds once the trees are in bloom then the blossom season doesn’t last long.