Plan your visit to Brockhampton

A mother and son look at a trail sheet whilst sat on a bench with a lovely view overlooking the manor house

Make the most of your visit to Brockhampton by discovering what’s here before your visit. Brockhampton is a large estate at 1,700 acres and there are plenty of way-marked walks offering great views and ample wildlife watching. The manor house is nestled in the rolling hills and despite being a rather small property it boasts unspoilt charm and character throughout.


Dogs welcome

The Brockhampton estate is very dog-friendly with lots of walks to be enjoyed. The only place we ask you not to take your dog is inside the manor house and inside food catering outlets. Outside both the Old Apple Store tea-room and Granary you can find benches and dog water bowls, you’re welcome to use these with your four legged friend.

We do have livestock grazing on the estate as well as lots of deer so we do ask your dog is kept under control, on their lead at all times. Please keep your dog on a short lead whilst near the manor as it can get quite busy here, and please make sure you bag any mess and pop it in a nearby bin. Out in the woods please use the ‘flick with a stick’ technique.  

Dogs enjoying their visit
Three dogs in front of wooden gatehouse
Dogs enjoying their visit

What to expect when you arrive

The lay-out of the estates facilities are spread out over a mile long driveway. After turning from the main road onto the driveway your first port-of-call will be the Visitor Welcome Kiosk which is located just right of the driveway in. If you are a National Trust member then a member of staff or volunteer will ask to scan your membership card. If you’re not a member then you’ll be asked to follow the driveway down to the main Visitor Reception building, where there is a card machine and till, you can find the current admission fees by clicking here.

By following the main driveway down you’ll find the main car park and Visitor Reception.  This is where you access the manor house and walks although it is possible to park at the top of the estate, near the tea-room and walk the mile-long driveway down if you wish.

The driveway in all its autumnal glory
The driveway with red and orange autumnal leaves
The driveway in all its autumnal glory

Find out about facilities

The Old Apple Store tea-room is located at the top of the estate, just after the Visitor Reception kiosk. As you cross the cattle-grid you’ll see a wonderful view across the estate, the tea-room is a sharp right off the main driveway here, and you’ll spot a wooden sign pointing where to turn. The Old Apple Store tea-room is open daily until Sunday 3 November when it drops to weekend opening only. In here you can order a light lunch such as a hot pot or jacket potato, a fresh slice of cake or sandwich as well as proper coffee and a good selection of hot and cold drinks. Just across the car park you can find the WCs which also include a baby change and an all-access WC cubicle.

Down at Lower Brockhampton, just across from the manor house you can find more toilets in the courtyard and The Granary. The Granary is also open daily up until Sunday 3 November when it drops down to weekends only. On weekends and school holidays you can purchase freshly prepared sandwiches and tea and fresh coffee is available at all times whilst open. Inside The Granary there is also a National Trust shop full of seasonal treats and gifts, upstairs is seating area for visitors to enjoy their purchases but please be careful as the steps are rather steep.

You can find the Granary in the courtyard at Lower Brockhampton
entrance to The Granary shop
You can find the Granary in the courtyard at Lower Brockhampton

Explore the parkland

The estate is open every day throughout the year from 10am and we have six way-marked routes of various lengths. Please note that although the walks are open daily, the tea-room and manor will be open only on weekends throughout November, December and January.

The estate walks are ever changing with the seasons from fresh, frosty walks in winter, wildflowers, songbirds and lush green scenery in the warmer months. There are three types of deer on the estate; Muntjac, Roe and Fallow which can often be spotted in the woodland. We also have otters visiting Lawn Pool; however you’d be extremely lucky to spot a glimpse of one as they are very elusive.

Please note the estate shuts at 5pm in summer and 4pm in the winter months. It is also highly recommended you take a map with you and please do make sure you stick to the way-marked routes to cause as little disruption to wildlife and farmland as possible. 

Visiting the manor house

The Medieval manor house at Brockhampton is a real heritage gem. Lovingly restored to its former glory, don’t let its size put you off as there’s plenty to see inside. Children are welcome to take a spotting sheet upon arrival to keep them entertained, we also have sensory objects in most rooms and the Freeguard Lounge is particularly child-friendly with lots of objects to hold and touch and in the colder months the volunteers even light a fire in this room making it lovely and cosy. 
On the ground floor you can see a parlour, lounge, kitchen, buttery and Great Hall. Upstairs there are several bedrooms and a large hallway. Each room inside the manor depicts a different time period from the 1400s through to the 1950s. For those who’d like to know more about the manor our volunteers throughout the house are happy to tell you about our stories, or if you'd prefer to read about it for yourself there's information in each room.

The Curetons' bedroom inside the manor
The Curetons' bedroom inside the manor house which has exposed beams, white bedding and a wooden crib.
The Curetons' bedroom inside the manor

The Orchards

One of the first things you’ll notice on a visit to Brockhampton is the impressive Victorian orchards surrounding the manor. Mostly Apples and damsons are grown here and there are a few cherry trees too. If you visit in springtime you may be lucky enough to see the trees in blossom. The fruit harvest begins in September, with the damsons being the first to ripen, followed by the apples in October. We offer Pick Your Own every day for a small fee for the produce picked.

This year saw the beginning of Reimagining Orchards Project. This ambitious project will see lost orchards reinstating over 21 acres of pastureland, you can find out more about the project here.

Brockhampton manor with the damson trees in blossom
The manor house in the background, looking through through damson blossom in the foreground
Brockhampton manor with the damson trees in blossom

School holidays

We hold events over the school holidays, there is always a children’s trail on over the school holidays, which is a little bit like a treasure hunt with a prize at the end. We have various events on throughout the year; you can see the up-to-date list of what’s coming up here.

Whether it’s a school holiday or weekend children are welcome to pick up a '50 things to do before you’re 11 ¾' activities sheet. This is a free activities sheet with fifty fun outdoors tasks to try again and again helping reconnect kids with nature and the outdoors.


Admission to Brockhampton is free for National Trust members and under 5s. You can find a current price list for non-members here. As a charity, we rely on the income from memberships and admission to look after this special place for future generations to enjoy.