Walks and parkland

A famiiy enjoying a walk on the estate

Get a taste of the real countryside and rural Herefordshire life as you explore the woods and parkland of the estate.

There is always more to explore at Brockhampton. The six walks which wind their way across the woods and parkland, through farms and down hidden dingles reveal the full glory of the Herefordshire countryside. For example the Carriage rides walk helps you explore the woods and take in the views from the highest point in the valley.

Come and explore our woodland and pastures
A family enjoying a walk on the estate

The still productive woodlands are slowly being restored to mixed native broadleaf trees and the towering conifers once so important for commercially run woodlands are gradually being harvested and milled for their timbers.  

Fungus growing on the carriage rides walk
Round capped white fungus growing in grass

Today the woodlands are managed to provide habitat and also to reflect the history of the estate. These woods would once have been buzzing with people who laboured here coppicing the native trees and making woodland products such as charcoal and green wood coppice products. Today the extensive woodlands provide visitors with somewhere to escape the crowds, even on busy days.

Today our team of countryside staff and volunteers still make the occasional charcoal burn. You can spot their charcoal making equipment in limepits wood.

Lichen covered logs on the carriage rides walk
Logs covered in green lichen

The woodlands are a great place to immerse yourself in nature, to spot birds including the rare lesser spotted woodpecker and many other species which are rarely seen in more urban environments. Deer roam the woods and tiny mammals scurry in the rich understory feasting on roots and tubers.

Enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of the countryside on a wander through the woods and parkland of the estate. 

Spot wildlife and explore nature on the natural play trail at Brockhampton
Boy in wooden bird hide on natural play trail