600 years of history at Brockhampton

Brockhampton has stood here in the Herefordshire countryside for the past 600 years. Each room in the manor displays a different time period so visitors can experience this wonderful place throughout it's time.

Brockhampton medieval manor house in May

Discover Lower Brockhampton Manor House

Brockhampton manor is a rare survival of a medieval manorial complex, which may also have once included a small village. We strongly suggest you check the opening dates for the manor house before setting off on your travels to avoid any disappointment. The manor's opening dates are variable depending on the time of year.

two members of staff posing in white bio-hazzard suits

Maintaining the manor house

Caring for an old building can be a real labour of love. Lower Brockhampton Manor is rather unspoilt for such an old building and at almost six hundred years old the manor is in constant need of maintenance. With your support we can continue to care for Brockhampton Manor and show it the love it deserves.

Newly lime-washed timbers on the gatehouse

Limewashing the manor

Prevention is better than cure when it comes to historic houses-find out why we choose to lime-wash the manor every five years, altering its appearance quite drastically.

Brockhampton and Gatehouse looking glorious in summer sun

The story behind the Gatehouse

Discover the Gatehouse at Brockhampton, a Tudor creation which is thought to be a mock version of the manor house, built as a status of wealth.

A view of the chapel across the moat

Brockhampton the Ruined Chapel

Discover the story behind the Ruined Chapel here at Brockhampton.