600 years of history at Brockhampton

Brockhampton has stood here in the Herefordshire countryside for the past 600 years. Each room in the manor displays a different time period so visitors can experience this wonderful place throughout it's time.

Daffodils outside the manor house

Discover Lower Brockhampton Manor House

The medieval manor is nestled in a Herefordshire valley and has changed little in hundreds of years. Each room inside the manor tells a different story from a different time period, celebrating the rich a diverse history.

Brockhampton and Gatehouse looking glorious in summer sun

The story behind the Gatehouse

Discover the Gatehouse at Brockhampton, a Tudor creation which is thought to be a mock version of the manor house, built as a status of wealth.

A view of the chapel across the moat

Brockhampton the Ruined Chapel

Discover the story behind the Ruined Chapel here at Brockhampton.