Wildlife at Brockhampton

The unspoilt countryside at Brockhampton means there's lots of wildlife residing on the estate. Read on to find out more about the nature at Brockhampton.

The Hawkins' Hebridean sheep in the orchard, they are small and black with horns

Farming with nature in mind

Warren Farm situated on the Brockhampton estate is a traditional mixed farm which grows and produces in a nature-friendly way. Using produce grown on the estate, James and Victoria Hawkins have won several awards for their delicious produce, grown from field to fork at Brockhampton.

The setts made from wooden boxes and plastic tunnels before being buried underground.

Relocating the Brockhampton badgers

With an unstable dam and a family of badgers in danger it was up to the countryside team to take action. Read on to discover how the Brockhampton rangers have built a badger den from scratch, a tempting upgrade for the badgers of Brockhampton.

An open nest box reveals tiny blue tit chicks

Discover the wildlife at Brockhampton

Discover an unspoilt Herefordshire valley full of natural wonders ever changing with the seasons. Wildlife is abundant throughout the estate from deer in the woodland, butterflies in the meadows and otters in the pools. What will you spot when you visit?

A massive clump of Honey Fungus

Fascinating fungi at Brockhampton

Discover some of the weird and wonderful fungi varieties here. We have many different varieties on the Brockhampton estate, why not set out on a wander and see what types of fungi you can spot?

A close up of a bumble bee on a flower

We're helping save the bees at Brockhampton

Discover what measures we are taking to help protect all species of bee here at Brockhampton. Working with The Bumblebee Conservation Society we hope to make a difference and see bumblebee numbers rise again.

Ash tree silhouettes taken from the ground looking up towards the sky

Tackling ash dieback in Herefordshire

Due to a severe outbreaks of ash dieback, we will be felling infected trees which pose a high risk to people and property. Find out more about this invasive fungal disease and discover what we are doing to try and tackle it.