Fundraising and projects at Brockhampton

Projects and fundraising play an important role at Brockhampton Estate. Our aim is to not just maintain the manor house and grounds but to encourage people to return again and again whilst we continuously learn more and develop our knowledge of this ancient settlement throughout time. It is also constructive to continuously look for improvements whether historical, agricultural or natural.

Replanting the orchard

Orchard conservation

The Brockhampton Rangers and a team of dedicated volunteers are in the process of replanting the historic orchards on the estate.

James and Victoria Hawkins checking the Oil Seed Rape crop on Warren Farm

Fine farm produce awards

Tenants of Brockhampton Estate work hard to produce quality food and produce from our land. Find out how their produce won a regional award and check out where to pick up locally made goods.

Oast house looking smart as a holiday cottage and brewery.

Building a brewery at Brockhampton

Discover how Oast House was transformed into a brewery