Caring for Brockhampton

Discover how we care for Lower Brockhampton Manor and the estate, assuring it is preserved and maintained for future generations.

two members of staff posing in white bio-hazzard suits

Maintaining the manor house

Caring for an old building can be a real labour of love. Lower Brockhampton Manor is rather unspoilt for such an old building and at almost six hundred years old the manor is in constant need of maintenance. With your support we can continue to care for Brockhampton Manor and show it the love it deserves.

A common frog on a ranger's sleeve

Caring for wildlife and our 50 year vision

Read about our 50 year vision...

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Autumn Half term at Brockhampton

Why not embrace the seasonal changes and head out into the great outdoors at Brockhampton? With plenty to see and do all Half term long, get the kids out and about all autumn-long. From trails to walks discover what we've got planned for the school holidays.