Easter egg hunts at Brockhampton

A mother and son look at a trail sheet whilst sat on a bench with a lovely view overlooking the manor house

Join us for an Easter adventure at Brockhampton. Discover our family-friendly trail with fun activities for you to do along the way. Complete the trail and earn your chocolate reward at the end.

Our Easter trail is back! Follow the trail points around the orchards and find the nature-related activities. Can you complete all the challenges to win a chocolatey prize? 

Come to Brockhampton this Easter to discover the egg hunt
A family enjoy the Easter egg hunt at Brockhampton
Come to Brockhampton this Easter to discover the egg hunt

You can pick your trail pack up from Visitor Reception when you arrive. The cost is £3 and normal admission charges also apply. At the end, return to Visitor Reception to collect your egg-citing prize! Our easter eggs are sustainably sourced using cocoa from Rainforest Alliance certified farms.

The trail is running from Saturday 9 to Sunday 24 April and can be completed from 10am to 4pm. 

The Hawkins' Hebridean sheep in the orchard
The Hawkins' Hebridean sheep in the orchard, they are small and black with horns
The Hawkins' Hebridean sheep in the orchard

The orchards really come alive at this time of year! While you are here, take a stroll through the blossoming trees and see if you can spot the creepy crawlies that live here. 

On the wider estate, tenant farmers, the Hawkins’, lovely Hebridean sheep have lambs in springtime and by Easter are normally strong enough to venture outdoors. Although Hebrides are very small, they are incredibly hardy and will happily stay out year-round. The lucky sheep here get to spend their lives grazing in the orchards and pastures, they help us maintain the land by eating problem weeds, keeping the grass down and helping trample wildflower seeds into the ground with their hooves.

Families can enjoy following a way-marked walk on the estate when they visit this Easter. The woodlands in springtime are simply delightful with wildflowers, blossom and wildlife, revitalised after a long winters rest. The woods become a hive of activity in spring as this is mating season for many species, birds busy themselves nest building and just outside of the woods, hares begin to box.

Easter-time wildflowers here include lesser celandine, wood anemone, cowslip, wood sorrel and wild garlic followed later in the month by carpets of bluebells.