Pick your own apples in the Brockhampton orchards

Rosy red apples growing by the manor house

The mature orchards at Brockhampton have delivered another bountiful harvest this year. Why not come along and pick your own apples to take home with you?

 Every year we offer visitors the chance to come and pick their own apples to take home with them. We’re running it a little different this year, to keep compliant with government guidelines as we recover from the impact of COVID-19, read on to find out what to expect.

We recommend you pre-book before turning up at Brockhampton regardless of whether you’re just coming for a walk, to pick fruit or visit The Granary kiosk. To book your slot just follow this link and reserve your spot, this helps us to keep both staff and visitors safe, if you turn up without a booking we will most likely be able to accommodate you as long as we're not at full capacity. 

If you’re coming to pick apples on your visit then you’ll need to head to the bottom of the estate to Lower Brockhampton car park, you’re welcome to park down here or walk down here from the top of the estate. A member of staff will be selling bags from the Visitor Reception kiosk, the desk will be going across the door, so you won’t need to enter the building at any point. Paper bags are £2.50 each and you’re welcome to purchase as many as you like. Please also note we are only taking cards, no cash is being handled on site. Unlike other years we will not be weighing the fruit you pick, there will be one set price for the bag only.

The mature trees in the orchards produce delicious damsons
A plate of damsons in front of the manor
The mature trees in the orchards produce delicious damsons

To keep to government social distancing guidelines, we are asking that one family group picks from one tree at a time. Also, if you touch the fruit, pick it and put it in your bag please.

General Health and Safety:

  • Orchards can be uneven, mind how you go
  • Watch out for biting and stinging insects; they like fruit too
  • Do not climb on the delicate fruit trees, they are very old with weak branches.
  • Please pick fruit gently without tugging or pulling too hard as this can damage the tree
  • Give the fruit a wash when you get home, before consuming, to remove any bugs

All proceeds from apple picking so straight back into maintaining the orchards here, including the newly planted core-shaped orchard, many thanks for your on-going support.