Caring for the manor house

Caring for a six hundred year old house has many steps and requires hours of conservation carried out by National Trust staff, volunteers and specialists.

Manor house in winter

Maintaining the manor house

Caring for an old building can be a real labour of love. Lower Brockhampton Manor is rather unspoilt for such an old building and at almost six hundred years old the manor is in constant need of maintenance. With your support we can continue to care for Brockhampton Manor and show it the love it deserves.

The roof surrounded by scaffolding

Repairing the manor house roof

Manor house roof repairs ensure building is safe and sound.

Newly lime-washed timbers on the gatehouse

Limewashing the manor

Prevention is better than cure when it comes to historic houses-find out why we choose to lime-wash the manor every five years, altering its appearance quite drastically.