'Reimagining' Brockhampton's lost orchards

Brockhampton surrounded by damson trees in blossom

Did you know our traditional orchards are in decline? It’s estimated that around 40% of Herefordshire’s orchards have disappeared in the last 100 years.

Over the next three years we are working with our local community to restore three lost orchards at Brockhampton.

As well as planting hundreds of fruit trees, together we are transforming grazing pasture into lowland wildflower meadows that support biodiversity, creating spaces where people can connect with nature through the seasons.

Generous support from players of People’s Postcode Lottery and Arts Council England has helped to kick start this project. With their help and yours we can improve the quality of land at the heart of the Brockhampton Estate.

Latest updates

04 Dec 19

First day of tree planting

Planting began inside our 'orchard rooms' today with 'Merryweather' damsons, a Brockhampton favourite. Coutryside volunteer James shared his top tips for tree planting with a team of staff and volunteers before we got stuck in. 18 trees planted today, just a few hundred more to go!

Freshly planted damson trees on a winter day

15 Nov 19

Making meadows

James Hawkins, tenant farmer at Warren Farm has finished spreading the meadow seed mix. His Hebridean sheep heard are trampling the seed into the pasture that surrounds our new orchards, helping the meadow to take root. Over time a mix of at least seven species of grass and wildflower will help improve biodiversity, supporting beneficial insects essential to pollination.

View from the air of wooden fenced area in the shape of five connected circles. Sheep graze in the pasture around it.

19 Sep 19

Weaving the fence

Walter Jack returned this week to work with our countryside volunteers and Rangers to build the orchard fences. The design was inspired by traditional basket weave to create the sense of giant circular baskets that will protect the young trees as they grow.

A verticle woven wooden fence, stands in a field half completed against a woodland backdrop