Dogs walking

A spaniel running across a grassy field towards the camera on a sunny day at Cogden

We welcome dog walkers across the countryside surrounding Hive Beach Burton Bradstock, and Cogden but please be aware there are some restrictions.

When using a lead

Please keep your dog on a short lead of no more than 2 metres long particularly when the beach or coast path is busy. It’s really helpful to use a lead as much as possible as not all people are keen on dogs, and with the current need to social distance it is important you have good control of your dog to help look after yourself and others.

For the beach at Hive Beach, Burton Bradstock

From 1 June to the 30 September, dogs are not permitted on the beach directly in front of the café (main beach access), unless they are assistance dogs. If you wish to access the beach with your dog, please put them on lead and walk along the beach East past the wooden chalet towards Cogden and Portland Island. You may stop with your dog once you have passed the wooden chalet on the beach front. We do not recommend you walk on the beach to the West of the café towards Freshwater due to dangerous cliffs and the risk of rockfall.

On the Coast Path

The crumbling nature of the Jurassic Coast cliffs can be dangerous for dogs, we recommend you keep dogs on a lead. We do have many sightings of adders so your dog will be safer if it keeps to the paths. If your dog is bitten, we advise you to visit the vet immediately.

On farmland and in the wider countryside

We create flower rich meadows and great habitats for wildlife thanks to National Trust farm tenants grazing their cattle or sheep. Please keep your dog on a lead as much as possible, especially between 1st March to 31st July when ground nesting birds are trying to rear their young. On or off lead, your dog must still be under your control.  We do have many sightings of adders. Your dog will be safer if it keeps to the paths and under control. If your dog is bitten, visit the vet immediately.

Wherever you go, please help us to look after the countryside by collecting your dog's waste and taking it home. Thank you.