Things to do for families at Castle Drogo

A child jumping in a muddy puddle

Enjoy a hassle free family day out. We've got free walking trails, spotter sheets and orienteering trails for you to download.

The Bunty House

A replica has been made of the Bunty House and children can now open the door to play inside. It has a miniature garden which is full of flowers.


All through the year you can pick up a free spotter sheet at visitor reception. Pick up a sheet and see if you can identify trees and look at the landscape as you make your way around the garden.
Why not tick off some of your 50 things to do before you're 113/4 on your visit here? You could go bird watching or build a den.
The Teign Gorge is free from light pollution so it is a great place to go star gazing.


In the cafe are free colouring in sheets and children's lunch boxes.

Rivers that rock

The Teign Gorge is bursting with adventures to be had. There are lots of animals, plants and great geology. Its river has pushed and pulled and smoothed the rocks to create the landscape we see today.


Have you ever wanted to go on a high tech treasure hunt? We have several caches for you to find in the Teign Gorge, borrow a geocache from visitor reception.

Mountain biking

With little traffic, the rugged slopes and paths of the Teign Gorge are ideal to explore by mountain bike. You can cycle along Hunter’s Path (this is a bridleway) and in Rectory Woods.


Test your map skills and explore the Teign Valley with our two orienteering trails.You can pick up these trails at visitor reception or download below.

Intermediate orienteering map (PDF / 0.470703125MB) download

Hard orienteering map (PDF / 1.1865234375MB) download