Badger's Basecamp den building area

Den building play area at Claremont

Discover our building area here at Claremont. Perfect for imaginative play and exploration.

Badger's Basecamp has now reopened! The Badger’s Basecamp is a hidden woodland area for older children on The Mound. Built from sustainable wood, it features tunnels and hidey holes, taking its inspiration from a badger’s home. There are tunnels to explore, a wooden badger to meet and a large open area for den building. Children will love interacting with this new structure, using it to inspire their play, each engaging with different elements of the structure.

The Badgers Basecamp at Claremont


Where to find it

The Badger’s Basecamp is tucked away on The Mound, a wooded area on top of the hill, where children can run free well away from the more formal areas of the landscape garden and lakeside. Our existing play area is near the tea-room and toilets and is ideal for younger children and parents with pushchairs. For the more energetic older children, follow the path adjacent to the existing play area and climb the steps to the top of the Mound. 

It provides an addition to the children’s play area, which is made up of mini versions of Claremont’s main landmark and has proved to be a focal point for families visiting the garden.

Getting active

Bringing your children to play here at Claremont will encourage them to get moving, running, jumping and climbing their way around, a great way to get some exercise. Moving regularly has been shown to have both emotional and physical benefits, all the more reason for people of all ages to join in with the play. Grandparents we’re looking at you!

Boy playing at Badgers Basecamp

Planning your day

  • Baby-changing facilities are available in the toilet block outside the pay barrier 
  • Children’s lunches and meals are available in the tea-room, or we have picnic benches too
  • If you’d like to feed the birds, you can buy a bag of bird food from the kiosk for a small donation

If you’ve never visited Claremont before, or if you’re a regular visitor, this is an ideal chance to come and discover something brand new.

Share your day

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