Guided walks at Claremont Landscape Garden

View of the lake and ampitheatre at Claremont

Join us for a guided walk around Claremont's historic gardens.

Free Tuesday Tree Walks

There’s no need to talk to the trees at Claremont Landscape Garden. Take a walk on the wild side on our Tuesday Tree Walks and discover all you need to know about Claremont’s trees.  Join our expert guide, Hilary, on a monthly guided walk and she’ll take you on a tour of our trees at their best.  Each month she’ll focus on a different group or season so there’s always something new to see.  The walks are free, so all you need is appropriate clothing for the weather and sturdy walking shoes. 

  • Trees At The Water’s Edge. Edge down to the water in April. Reflect on the trees growing round our lake. 
  • Native Trees. Meander in May. Let our indigenous trees inspire our national obsession with gardens and nature.   
  • Non-Native Trees. Take a journey  in June. Peel back layers of natural history to discover non-native trees and how they came here. 
  • Two Terraces – The Camellia Terrace and the North Terrace.  Jewels in July.  These Terraces have the best summer blossoms amongst the trees. 
  • High Summer.  Be awe-inspired in  August.  See the height of our trees in high summer. 
  • Laurel Lawn.  Savour the splendour of September.  Autumn arrives at the Laurel Lawn in all its glory.

Free Guided History Walk

If history is your thing, Claremont has all the stories you can shake a stick at on our Guided History Walk.  It was once the pleasure grounds of Europe’s rich and powerful, so follow in the footsteps of Queen Victoria, Clive of India and ‘Capability’ Brown to discover why they thought Claremont’s gardens were so special. 

And although we’re not ones to gossip, the storytelling can continue in the café afterwards with a hot or cold drink and tempting snacks and lunches.