50 things to do before you're 11 ¾ at Claremont

There's tons of fun to be had in the great outdoors, and our list of 50 things to do before you're 11 ¾ is a brilliant way to get stuck in. In the garden at Claremont you'll be able to tick at least 11 off your list, and for every one you do we'll give you a sticker for your scrapbook. Here's some inspiration to kickstart your adventures.

Girl with daisy chain necklace

Make a daisy chain

There are so many daisies by the lake in spring and summer, you could make yourself a whole set of jewellery with daisy chains (No.16). While you're at it, try making a grass trumpet (No.25), too.

A toddler playing in a puddle

Run around in the rain

No.6: Wet days don't have to be boring. Grab your wellies and find the biggest puddle you can - then jump!

A den made of sticks against a tree

Build a den

Clamber up the Mound (No.28) and you'll find piles and piles of sticks and branches, ready and waiting for you to make your own den with (No.4). When your masterpiece is complete, get comfy inside and have a go at No.44 - bird watching.

A ladybird and an ant on a leaf

Hunt for bugs

Wherever you are, there's always a creepy crawly hiding nearby - better find them before they find you (No.31). Look out for ladybirds, ants, slugs, snails, and funny flies. Can you see anything different near the lake?

A roe deer hiding in the bushes

Track wild animals

Look out for hoofprints, droppings and signs of munching (No.34), and you might just be lucky enough to track down one of our shyest residents, the roe deer. Put on your inspector's hat and you could also find evidence of rabbits, badgers, foxes, and naughty, lawn-digging moles.

A nest of sticks and leaves

Make a home for a wild animal

Every year, Claremont says hello to a new generation of ducks and geese. Give them a helping hand by building a nest out of sticks, moss, grass and leaf litter (No.36). You could also make a bug hotel or a hedgehog habitat.

A tulip tree leaf

Catch a falling leaf

See if you can catch a leaf as it falls from the tree (No.33). There are loads of different trees at Claremont, so why not try to get a whole collection of different shapes and sizes?

A girl showing off a large conker

Play conkers

Search under a horse chestnut tree for the biggest conker you can find (No.10). Stick it on the end of a string, and smash your way to victory. Mind your knuckles.


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