Princess Charlotte at Claremont Landscape Garden

2017 marks two hundred years since the tragic death of Britain's beloved heir, Princess Charlotte Augusta, who lived at Claremont in the early nineteenth century. Learn all about Charlotte's life and times with a year packed full of events, from guided walks to wedding banquets.

The Apotheosis of Princess Charlotte Augusta, Princess of Wales by Henry Howard, 1818
Charlotte's story
" A Rose of loveliest form and hue
In Britain's royal garden grew
Its ornament and pride;
Delighted on its charms we gaz'd.
When fate the whelming tempest rais'd —
It budded, and it died!"
- The Royal Rose
Claremont Landscape Garden

Princess Charlotte's life at Claremont 

Charlotte's days at Claremont were the happiest of her short life. Having finally escaped her father's control, she began to show the promise of a courageous and benevolent queen.

Events and activities

A drawing of a lady wearing a mauve hat and pelisse

Regency dress-up

Our clever seamstresses have sewn tailcoats and pelisses so you can dress up like a fancy Georgian. Find your costume in the Thatched Cottage.

Restoration and recreation

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Volunteer with us 

Do you love the story of Princess Charlotte and all things Georgian? Could you help us raise money to restore Leopold's royal railings? We'd love to hear from you.