50 wintery things to do before you're 11¾ at Cliveden

Children running through woods kicking up leaves

There’s plenty of outdoor adventures to be had in the gardens and woodlands at Cliveden, whatever the weather. How many of the 50 things can you tick off your list?

Den building

No. 4 - Build a den

Head for the woodlands where you’ll find branches galore to build a perfect den. If you’d like some pointers, then look out for ‘Clive’s Den’ that we’ve built near the play trail.

Enjoy splashing in puddles this season

No. 6 - Run around in the rain

Make sure you are having lots of refreshing fun on a rainy day… pull on your wellies and come to join us hunt for some puddles

Girl walking through the mud in her wellies

No. 13 - Make a mud pie

Put on your wellies and find a muddy spot in the woodlands. Stones, leaves and twigs are great for decorating, but remember, a mud pie never tastes as good as it looks.

Young girl climbing a tree

No. 1 - Climb a tree

Head to the woodlands where you’ll find lots of trees for climbing. Pick a big, strong branch that can be reached from the ground and see how high you can safely climb.

Make a trail to follow with sticks

No. 12 - Have fun with sticks

Pick up sticks – or fallen leaves – in the woods or gardens and lay a trail for your family to follow. Please don’t pick sticks from living trees or plants though.

Family in the snow at Ashridge Estate Hertfordshire

No. 15 - Play in the snow

Pick a day with light snowfall and wrap up warm - but check before you travel as we sometimes have to close in bad weather.