Cliveden Entertains

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The Cliveden Entertains programme is brand new to 2017. Celebrating the glittering guests and wild parties this estate has seen over the years through archives of photographs and previously untold stories.

Cliveden Entertains

For the past four centuries Cliveden has been a hub of entertainment and socialising. Guests visiting the estate have received the highest level of generosity; with games, fine dining, country walks and entertainment at their fingertips. From Queen Victoria to Charlie Chaplin – celebrities of every ilk have enjoyed Cliveden’s hospitality.

And now, it's your turn. You're invited to visit the estate to join in the fun and fabulousness, just as people have for nearly 400 years.

The Visitor Book Exhibition

Everyday from Thursday 23 February

When guests arrived at Cliveden they would often sign what was known as 'The Visitor Book'. This incredible record of signatures and short quips was reccently unarchived and studied, which we can now share with you. Who attened Nancy Astor's infamous parties? What did they get up to on their stay? We take you through the anwsers to these questions by revealing what was previously kept hidden in various historical documents and photographs.

Cliveden Daily Talks

Everyday from Monday 20 February

Hear our volunteers share their knowledge of the estate's glamorous history and the work we're doing today. From gardeners to statue cleaners, each talk offers a new insight into Cliveden estate.

Game of Clues: Murder Mystery

This event is now finished for 2017 - but will be returning next year

Lord Mucke has been murdered on the estate. Unlock clues from hidden chests across the gardens at Cliveden to figure out 'who dunnit'.  Can you solve the mystery before the killer strikes again? Tickets cost £5 per group.