Cliveden's woodland play trail

Family building a den from branches

Created using the lay-out of the woodland this all-natural play trail is a great opportunity to explore the woods and let imaginations run free.

When we say play...

Why not while away an hour or two on our log stepping stones, balancing beams, rope swings and more? There are also opportunities to strengthen your climbing and den building skills along the way.
Situated in the heart of our woodlands just beyond our entry kiosk, off Green Drive, the play trail is a great way to get active outdoors and all in the name of fun. Designed with children aged 6+ in mind.

Clive's Den

Just next to the play trail you will also find Clive's Den, our extra special natural den for make-believe of all kinds. Clive's Den is big enough for the whole family hide in plus there's wooden musical chimes to play and it's a great secluded spot to pop your feet up at our tree trunk picnic tables.

Thinking of adventuring further?

If you are enchanted by our woodlands and want to see more then why not try our Blue Walking Trail? You can start from the play trail and follow the blue arrows to take a short circular route.

Just beyond the woodland car park you can discover our striking elephant, bear and tiger wood carvings as well as the famous Cliveden snails ornately crafted by local woodcarver Nick Garnett. These wooden snails, carved using a chainsaw, represent the tiny snails that were 'imported' from Rome in 1896 in the Borghese Balustrade.

Don’t forget to also keep a close eye out for the variety of birds, bats and bugs that live here, and if you're feeling adventurous, why not do a spot of bug hunting?

Good to know

The Woodland Lounge with toilets and traditional picnic tables is just a little further along Green Drive from the play trail and a great place to rest up before exploring further.