Last of the summer colour at Cliveden

Cliveden's Rose Garden

Up until the end of September, the summer schemes around Cliveden are in their final bloom. With striking colour combinations and potent floral scents, it's your last chance to see Cliveden’s spectacular 2018 summer gardens.

Last of the summer colour at Cliveden


The Rose Garden

In the restored Jellicoe Rose Garden, there's over 900 repeat flowering roses creating a colourful sunset design with colours phasing from gentle yellows and blazing oranges, through to romantic reds. Make sure to peruse this garden soon as these are the final blooms now before deadheadeding for autumn begins.

The Long Garden

11,000 mixed salvias in purple, red and cream make an uneblieveable display in our impressive Long Garden. Due to consistent care and irrigation by the gardens team, this garden in particular has lasted well and still remains bright and bold despite the scorching summer heat.
Cliveden summer Long Garden
Cliveden's summer Long garden
Cliveden summer Long Garden

'Hot' Forecourt Border

The hot side of the Forecourt borders (adjacent to the Conservatory cafe) is looking really colourful right now. Highlights include Tithonia rotundifolia (commonly known as the Mexican sunflower), which grows to over 6ft in its native Mexico and Helenium ‘Wesergold’, part of the Asteraceae family, commonly known as sneezeweed because parts of the plant were used to make snuff.

Other ideas for you to do on the estate during September 

For more information on any of the below, please call the estate office on 01628 605069.

  • Listen to our Historical Interpretors re-enact scenes from Cliveden's past (every Saturday and Wednesday in September, between 10am and 5pm). 
  • Join a Skippered River Cruise (every Saturday, Sunday and Thursday in September, between 11am and 3pm).
  • Peek inside Cliveden's mansion house (every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday in September, between 11am and 12.30pm). 
  • Wander into our fully conserved Sounding Chamber and hear 'The Cliveden Suite'; four pieces of music inspired by the Cliveden women of 'Misrepresented?' (every day, from 10 September).
The Cliveden Suite

The Cliveden Suite

We've commissioned renowned composer Errollyn Wallen to create four short pieces of music that create The Cliveden Suite. Each piece of music from the suite is inspired by a former Lady of the house and is the next phase of Cliveden’s ‘Women and Power programme’.