Catch the last of the summer sun at Cliveden

Cliveden Parterre Summer 2017

Up until the end of September, the summer schemes around Cliveden are in their final bloom. With striking colour combinations of vibrant reds, dusky pinks and sunshine yellows, together with potent floral scents, Cliveden’s 2017 summer gardens are not to be missed.

Outdoor art exhibition

Internationally acclaimed artist Bernar Venet has placed a collection of large-scale sculptures in Cliveden’s gardens; challenging you to re-think the space they sit in. Cliveden has historically been home to controversial and striking art and continues to do so by embracing collections such as this. Venet’s works will be on display until mid-October 2017.

Lynn Chadwick

Striking sculptures in the grounds at Cliveden

Modern art is exciting, controversial and challenges you to think in ways you may not have before. Lynn Chadwicks display at Cliveden certainly ticks of all those boxes.

Colour at Cliveden

The Parterre

Heavy summer rain has helped to colour up the 40,000 bedding plants currently on display this season at Cliveden. On the Parterre, the 16 triangular beds have been filled with bright planting combinations of red salvias, white begonias, blue ageratum, yellow marigolds and spider plant edging. The central azalea beds are planted up with gladioli called ‘Glamourglads’, and they certainly hold true to their name. They’re a new breed of dwarf gladioli hybrids which grow to just 60cm tall. The semicircle at the southern end of the Parterre is filled with 7,500 ‘Devil’s Delight’ begonias which is a repeat of the popular Long Garden bedding from last summer.


Cliveden's Parterre, Summer 2017
Parterre summer cliveden 2017
Cliveden's Parterre, Summer 2017

The Long Garden

11,000 begonias create a blood-red sea of deep crimson in the Long Garden this season. 
Cliveden's Long Garden, Summer 2017
Long Garden Cliveden Summer 2017
Cliveden's Long Garden, Summer 2017

The Rose Garden

In the restored Jellicoe Rose Garden, swoon over a display of 900 repeat flowering roses. The colourful planting scheme, designed to echo the rising and setting of the sun, phase from gentle yellows and blazing oranges, through to romantic reds.
Cliveden's Rose Garden, June 2017
Rose Garden Cliveden 2017
Cliveden's Rose Garden, June 2017

'Hot' Forecourt Border

Adjacent to the Orangery Café are the fabulous Forecourt Borders. Take a stroll down the path (if you can find the space!) and spot your favourite summer flower. 
Cliveden's Forecourt Borders, Summer 2017
Forecourt borders summer 2017 cliveden
Cliveden's Forecourt Borders, Summer 2017