Cliveden’s a property with a history of powerful females. And, to commemorate the generations of women who have lived and visited here, we’re hosting a year-long programme in 2018 which celebrates their lives.


Part of the 'Women and Power' programme 

Throughout 2018, we’re looking at four women who lived at Cliveden and comparing different accounts of them from their contemporaries, the press, and the history books. How did people of their time view them? What legacy have they left behind and how do we see them now with the benefit of hindsight? Have they been portrayed fairly, or have they – like so many others - been misrepresented? 

•    Elizabeth Villers: The Royal Mistress: 1657 – 1733
•    Princess Augusta: The Scheming Princess 1719 - 1772
•    Harriet, Duchess of Sutherland : The Champagne Socialist 1806 – 1868
•    Nancy Astor: The Rattlesnake in the House 1879 - 1964

Cliveden’s Women 
19 February – 13 July
An outdoor exhibition of local women’s portraits. Inspiring women with a connection to Cliveden share their important and striking real-life stories. 

A Room of One’s Own
June – November 

For Cliveden’s four women, Cliveden’s gardens were truly ‘the rooms of their own’ – their space to be creatively fulfilled and independent. We’ve invited an artist to express this sense of freedom in a room unboxed. 

The Cliveden Suite
September – November 

We’re commissioning a musician to create four pieces of music based on our four Cliveden women. Together, these will create 'The Cliveden Suite.'