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Read updates from the formal gardens of Cliveden.

Mark Lamb, Assistant Head Gardener Mark Lamb Assistant Head Gardener
Camassia in the Water Garden at Cliveden spring 2022

April and May keep the gardens team busy all across the estate. Read on to find out more about lawn care and behind the scenes nursery jobs. You will also find tips on preparing your own garden for late spring and the highlight is on the beautiful, blue star-shaped camassia adorning the Water Garden at the moment.

Cliveden forecourt cherry blossom spring 2022

Potting Shed News April 2022

This month the blossom is out in frothy white clouds and the grounds are gilded with golden daffodils. Read all about pea sticking, and progress in the Water Garden as well as what the gardens team got up to on their visits to other National Trust gardens around the country.

Storm damage from Storm Eunice at Cliveden 2022

Potting Shed News March 2022

Events in the gardens and the wider estate were dramatically disrupted by Storm Eunice on 18 February which brought down several trees in the gardens and- strew debris across the estate. Gardeners have worked hard to clear the gardens to make way for spring proper. Read on to find out what jobs need doing to keep your garden looking its best this month.

Snowdrops in the Woodlands at Cliveden 2022

Potting Shed News February 2022

This is a great month to get out into the garden and get some early jobs done if the weather allows. Its so enjoyable and lifts the spirits to work your way through a border, lightly forking over, weeding as you go, cutting down and removing dead and decaying material and showing off those plants that are looking good at the moment. With the days lengthening its great to know spring is just around the corner. Read on to gen up on snowdrops and more jobs to do this month.

Close up of mistletoe and mistletoe berries

Potting Shed News December 2021

In this winter edition of Potting Shed News, read all about the mistletoe that grows in clumps in the lime trees at Cliveden. Learn about two of the birds that call Cliveden home, and pick up some tips on how to attract birds to your garden. As usual, read on for a reminder of the jobs that need doing in the garden in December.

Beech leaves in autumn

Potting Shed News November 2021

The falling leaves herald the start of autumn and to the gardeners at Cliveden signal the start of autumn jobs such as leaf clearing. Read on for seasonal jobs as well as work being done on the Forecourt Borders in preparation for the Conservatory Cafe refurbishment project.

Topiary in the Long Garden at Cliveden August 2021

Potting Shed News September 2021

This edition, the spotlight is on the topiary work and stunning blooms of the Long Garden. Read on to find out what jobs need doing to prepare for autumn, winter and beyond, with tips for what to sow to enjoy bountiful crops in spring.

Rhododendron macabeanum at Cliveden

Potting Shed News August 2021

This August, learn all about how to propagate rhododendrons, get some tips about what garden jobs need doing this month, and you can even try your hand at identifying some weeds that wriggle up through the soil at Cliveden.

Cliveden Pyramidal Orchid Maple Hill Summer 2020

Potting Shed News July 2021

Is it really summer without cucumber sandwiches on long lazy picnics? Perhaps courgettes are more your thing. Learn all about how our gardeners grow cucurbitaceae, and perhaps even pick up some tips to grow your own. There's also a spotlight on the 'Queen of the climbers' - the clematis, and for the wild at heart, a couple of wild orchids that are found naturally on Cliveden's meadows.

bedding changeover in the Long Garden at Cliveden

Potting Shed News June 2021

This month read all about the bedding changeover process, in which 11,000 verbena rigida are meticulously planted with even spacing by our volunteers and gardens team. There's a spotlight on rhododendrons and a reminder to sow your seeds this month. Xanthe's poem will help you to tune in to the life cycle of the humble vine weevil.

Erythonium 'pagoda' in the Water Garden at Cliveden

Potting Shed News May 2021

Read all about the spring delights of the Water Garden, including the delicately beautiful Erythonium 'Pagoda'. For lovers of garden verse, there's even an informative Ode to a Slug.

Prunus cerasifera nigra (Black cherry plum) blossom at Cliveden

Potting Shed News April 2021

We're delighted to say that volunteers are now back working hard in the gardens at Cliveden after a break of nearly three months. And what a riot of blossom they're returning to. In this edition, learn about some of the trees putting on a glorious, frothy display.

Snowdrops Cliveden

Potting Shed News March 2021

March is a busy month for gardeners. It's time to sow in your veg patch - read all about ideal soil conditions to encourage new seedlings to grow. Learn the art of pruning roses to ensure spectacular blooms come the summer.

helleborus x hybridus 'White Lady' Cliveden

Potting Shed News February 2021

Though the weather may be wet and cold and most plants may be bereft of both leaves and colour, there’s still plenty of garden interest here at Cliveden. Enjoy some of the highlights to be found in the Water Garden and Long Garden in February, and read about the latest updates to the Water Garden Project.

Water Garden Path Works Cliveden December 2020

Potting Shed News December 2020

With Christmas approaching, we review the glorious gardens of Cliveden during the most unusual year in living memory. Read about the Water Garden Project which is under way and learn how to make your garden a haven for hedgehogs.

Fly agaric fungi nestled amongst autumn leaves

Potting Shed News November 2020

This month learn about our gardeners' battle with box blight, when to plant your spring bulbs, and what fabulous fungi you can see at Cliveden throughout November.

Peacock Topiary cut

Potting Shed News October 2020

Sharpen your shears as this October Potting Shed News is focused on the annual Long Garden topiary trim and starting the Parterre box hedge cut.

Cliveden Long Garden Mexican Sunflower

Potting Shed News September 2020

September's issue includes highlights from the Long Garden border, including an article on native trees.

Hot Border Cliveden Forecourts

Potting Shed News August 2020

This month the focus is on the Forecourt borders, summer fruit pruning and testing your knowledge on wildflowers. You can gain top tips on what you can be doing in your garden this August.

Cliveden Pyramidal Orchid Maple Hill Summer 2020

Potting Shed News July 2020

From Rose Garden update to orchid spotting, July's edition is packed with updates and most importantly a big welcome back to supporters.

Cliveden Cold Border Chelsea Chop Summer 2020

Potting Shed News June 2020

Discover what the 'Chelsea Chop' is from the Cold Border on the forecourts and find out how to create your own miniature alpine landscape.

Cliveden Parterre Shirley Tulip 2020

Potting Shed News May 2020

May's edition takes you around every garden to see what's in bloom whilst the estate was closed over May.

daffodils in the Ferneries at Cliveden during Gilded Gardens 2020

Potting Shed News April 2020

Though the estate we all know and love so well may be going through unprecedented times, and our own lives may be filled with concern, it’s well worth remembering that all around us, the beauty and colour of the natural world continues to flourish.

Cliveden Camellia x williamsii 'Saint Ewe'

Potting Shed News March 2020

In this month's edition, we find out what the gardens team have been up to over the winter months. There's a focus on three favourite blooms in the Water Garden that can be seen now, and we look ahead to the joys of spring and the Gilded Gardens display.

Daphne in the Water Garden at Cliveden

Potting Shed News February 2020

Christmas is a distant memory and January has flown by so to all our readers happy new year and welcome to a new decade in our gardens. This edition's focus is on the pruning that is taking place across the estate and we profile the beautiful-smelling Daphne that is wafting its scent across the Water Garden.