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Read updates from the formal gardens of Cliveden.

Mark Lamb, Assistant Head Gardener Mark Lamb Assistant Head Gardener
Peacock Topiary cut

Potting Shed News October 2020

Sharpen your shears as this October Potting Shed News is focused on the annual Long Garden topiary trim and starting the Parterre box hedge cut.

Cliveden Long Garden Mexican Sunflower

Potting Shed News September 2020

September's issue includes highlights from the Long Garden border, including an article on native trees.

Hot Border Cliveden Forecourts

Potting Shed News August 2020

This month the focus is on the Forecourt borders, summer fruit pruning and testing your knowledge on wildflowers. You can gain top tips on what you can be doing in your garden this August.

Cliveden Pyramidal Orchid Maple Hill Summer 2020

Potting Shed News July 2020

From Rose Garden update to orchid spotting, July's edition is packed with updates and most importantly a big welcome back to supporters.

Cliveden Cold Border Chelsea Chop Summer 2020

Potting Shed News June 2020

Discover what the 'Chelsea Chop' is from the Cold Border on the forecourts and find out how to create your own miniature alpine landscape.

Cliveden Parterre Shirley Tulip 2020

Potting Shed News May 2020

May's edition takes you around every garden to see what's in bloom whilst the estate was closed over May.

daffodils in the Ferneries at Cliveden during Gilded Gardens 2020

Potting Shed News April 2020

Though the estate we all know and love so well may be going through unprecedented times, and our own lives may be filled with concern, it’s well worth remembering that all around us, the beauty and colour of the natural world continues to flourish.

Cliveden Camellia x williamsii 'Saint Ewe'

Potting Shed News March 2020

In this month's edition, we find out what the gardens team have been up to over the winter months. There's a focus on three favourite blooms in the Water Garden that can be seen now, and we look ahead to the joys of spring and the Gilded Gardens display.

Daphne in the Water Garden at Cliveden

Potting Shed News February 2020

Christmas is a distant memory and January has flown by so to all our readers happy new year and welcome to a new decade in our gardens. This edition's focus is on the pruning that is taking place across the estate and we profile the beautiful-smelling Daphne that is wafting its scent across the Water Garden.

Clivedens water garden

Potting Shed News December 2019

We look back at everything that has happened in Cliveden's gardens in 2019, and find out what the plans are for the Water Garden Project in 2020.

 The Water Garden with a close-up of brightly coloured autumnal leaves overhanging the water at Cliveden, Buckinghamshire

Potting Shed News November 2019

Over the past month the whole of the garden team have been extremely busy with the biannual task of bedding changeover. In this edition, learn about what causes the glorious technicolour of autumn leaves.

Cliveden pumpkin 2019

Potting Shed News: Portly pumpkins

The pumpkins are ripe and ready for autumn feasts and celebrations. Ruth will be displaying them by the Gift Shop, so do come and marvel at squashes of all shapes and sizes. It is also the start of bedding changeover. Read on for the 2020 spring bedding preview.

A topiary bird at Cliveden in Buckinghamshire.

Potting Shed News: Tremendous Topiary

Now is the time to take a walk through the Long Garden to admire the sharp geometric shapes of the topiary. This year it was a real team effort with many of the team cutting the topiary for the first time and doing a fantastic job maintaining the obelisks, spirals and peacocks.

A ball dahlia at Anglesey Abbey

Potting Shed News: Dazzling Dahlias

Dahlias are certainly back in vogue and Cliveden is no exception. We have increasingly used these Mexican flowers on the Forecourt borders and in the Long Garden. Find out how to create your own dazzling borders at home.

A couple looking at a wisteria plant

Potting Shed News: Shades of blue

Throughout the garden bearded irises are starting to flower, wisteria is climbing the brick walls and the beautiful star-shaped camassias are now looking their best.

Meghan Markle leaves Cliveden for Windsor, with her mother, having spent the eve of her wedding in the Cliveden House Hotel on the National Trust’s Cliveden Estate.

Potting Shed News 3 December 2018

2018 was another fantastic year at Cliveden. Re-cap what was happening in the gardens in this edition of Potting Shed News.

Cliveden Pansies

Potting Shed News 13 November 2018

We can finally take a break from all the hard work over the last five weeks now that the autumn bedding changeover is complete for another year.

Cliveden Long Garden

Potting Shed News: 150th edition special

Our bedding changeover process is well underway with both the semicircle at the southern end of the Parterre and the Long Garden now planted up.

Potting Shed News 5 October 2018

Potting Shed News: Bedding Changeover

The garden team have now begun the biannual task of bedding changeover on the Parterre and in the Long Garden. In total, they'll be planting a staggering 37,350 bedding plants with 14,800 bulbs.

Potting shed news 10 September

Potting Shed News: Last of the summer colour

Despite the heatwave that seemed to last an age, the gardens have remained very colourful, especially our annual bedding displays.