Snowdrop Watch at Cliveden

Snowdrops at Cliveden

Snowdrops are one of the first signs of life in gardens after the long winter months. Follow the journey of our snowdrops by checking this article for live updates. Once they have sprung, come along for the self-led Snowdrop Walk around the estate. These beautiful flowers are found in delicate patches across the estate and this page will help you to find out when they are at their best.

We hope you're as excited for Cliveden's 2017 #SnowdropWatch as we are... and if you're still unsure make sure you ring the Estate Office on 01628 605069 before your visit to double check whether they have appeared.

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13 Feb 17

Spring is in the air

This past week the snowdrops at Cliveden have really come into their own. Just off the beaten track, a lovely blanket of pearly 'drops have been spotted glowing white by the Woodland car park (pictured). Swing by and have a look for yourself!

Snowdrops Cliveden

03 Feb 17

The buds are in bloom

Hurrah! The snowdrops have arrived. Stroll along Cliveden's Stable Bank, up to Cockerell Pavilion, to see the very first clusters of the 'drops. There, they are scattered across the lawns in a gentle display, not quite forming a 'blanket of white' just yet. The gardeners suspect they'll peak in about 2 weeks time. But if you fancy seeing them at this early stage in their bloom, it's definitely worth a look.

Snowdrops at Cliveden

21 Jan 17

The plant of the moment is fashionably late

It's my party and I'll be late if I want to.. so said the Cliveden snowdrops. But what's caused this delay? Well, for starters some of our darling buds were newly instated only last year. This means they haven't established very strong roots, making it harder for them to thrive. Secondly, it's the weather. Snowdrops don't mind the cold, they even make do in frost, but it's variable weather they can't stand. And boy, has this part of the country been intermittent. Is it raining? Is it sunny? Is it snowing? It's probably doing all three. Our Head Gardener predicts a mid-February bloom rather than the late January one we were hoping.