Cliveden's snowdrop watch


Snowdrops are one of the first signs of life in our gardens, despite the harsh winter frost that still lingers. And, this little bulb is so loved, we've decided to dedicate this page to their remarkable journey. From planting, to blossom, you'll find all the insider information you need right here. Stayed tuned as once the snowdrops have made their appearance, we'll put on a self-led 'Snowdrop Walk' around the estate taking you past the best displays.

Please remember these beautiful, delicate flowers are found in patches across the estate where you shouldn't walk in or across, no matter how tempting. An over-enthusiastic dog or a wondering toddler can cause irreparable damage to fragile snowdrops, which sadly happened in 2017.

Ring us on 01628 605069 for a live 'on-the-day' update of our snowdrops.


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07 Feb 18

Peaking your interest

The snowdrops are finally at their peak and, thanks to the recent frost, they'll stay like this for a little bit longer than usual. On your next visit to Cliveden head to the Information Kiosk (located in the Walled Garden car park) and pick up a 'Snowdrop Walk' leaflet that takes you on a self-led walk around the top snowdrop spots on the estate. Remember to tag #SnowdropWatchCliveden on social media so we can see your wonderful pictures!

Dyrham Park snowdrop in January

30 Jan 18

Naturalised snowdrops

Away from the formal gardens and out into the wider estate, you'll stumble upon naturalised snowdrops. Scattered throughout Cliveden's historic trees is an environment similar to their natural, native homelands originating from greater Europe. The snowdrops flourish in Cliveden's woods due to a combination of suitable factors; moist, well-drained soil and light flutters of sun and shade are abundant here. And, although they're not quite at peak display, the small clusters of these naturalised wonders will be sure to delight.

Snowdrops in Cliveden's woodlands

22 Jan 18

Snowdrop varieties at Cliveden

By now you'll have heard the first-bloom snowdrops have arrived, but do you know which species of snowdrops we have on site? Well, whilst there are 20 species of wild snowdrop in the world, and over 1,000 named cultivars, we boast 4 varieties. These include Galanthus nivalis, Galanthus elwesii, Galanthus ‘Atkinsii’ and Galanthus nivalis f. pleniflorus ‘Flore Pleno’. Keep an eye out when you visit and see if you can spot them all.

Snowdrops at Cliveden