Dogs at Coleton Fishacre

Two women walking their dog near Coleton Fishacre house

Your four-legged friends are very welcome in the garden at Coleton Fishacre when on short leads. With easy access to the South West Coast Path you could even branch off on a longer walk while you're here.

Dogs in the garden

You are welcome to walk your dogs throughout garden; please remeber to stick to the paths and keep your dogs on short leads at all times. We want to make sure you and your four-legged friends have a great time at Coleton Fishacre, whilst we also maintain the health of our plants. If dogs were to run into the flower beds, plant diseases could very easily be spread. 


Shady space

Through the archway next to the house is shady space complete with tethering rings and water bowls, where you can leave dogs while you look around the house. There are also benches here if you wish to wait with your dog. Please do keep an ear out while you look around the house in case your dog becomes unhappy and starts whining or barking, which can spoil the enjoyment of other visitors.


Useful information

  • Dogs are welcome at the outside tables of the café, and there are water bowls in the courtyard for thirsty pooches.
  • There is a dog waste bin located at the end of the café courtyard, at the bottom of the garden and near Scout Point.