Early summer in the garden

The lupins in flower at Coleton Fishacre

As spring fades into summer, Coleton Fishacre becomes a riot of colour and heady scents.

Seemly Terrace and The Rill Garden

The first terrace in the garden and the walled garden below it, where the small stream (or rill) runs through the centre, is a place of tranquillity in early summer. Soft colours fill the walled garden as annuals, perennials and roses present a fragrant patchwork of pastel hues. After the flowering cherries, camassias and tulips of spring have faded, aquilegia, lupins, peonies, dicentra and alliums continue the tapestry of colour.  



Candelabra primulas, azaleas and iris line the stream in the upper section of the garden. As you follow the steam down the valley towards the sea, you'll come across giant rhubarb (Gunnera manicata) looking very handsome beside the lower pond.

Look out for the candelabra primulas in flower along the edge of Coleton Fishacre stream
Candelabra primulas flowering at the edge of a stream in Coleton Fishacre garden
Look out for the candelabra primulas in flower along the edge of Coleton Fishacre stream

Around the house

In the terraces around the house the more exotic planting begins. Arctotis, gazanias and watsonias provide pops of red and orange. Succulents such as lampranthus and aloe are coming into flower, as is the deep pink fgeranium maderense, the largest of geranium species.

Wellington’s Wall, which borders the Bowling Green Lawn, is a riot of yellows and blues as argyranthemum mederense, lithodora ‘Heavenly Blue’, rosemary, ruryops chrysanthemoides are in flower. Olive trees and silvery foliage of  lavender, convolvulus and helichrysum create a distinctly Mediterranean feel in this sunny spot.


Gazebo border

Species of callistemon, grevillea, banksia, libertia formosa and embothrium coccineum provide a taste of the southern hemisphere, and the statuesque echium pininana from theCanary Islands is a magnet for butterflies. 

Mediterranean planting at Coleton Fishacre
Mediterranean planting in the garden at Coleton Fishacre, Devon
Mediterranean planting at Coleton Fishacre


Finding out more about the garden

Every day at 2pm a member of the garden team lead a walk, which is the perfect way to find out more about the seasonal highlights and the history of the garden. The walks are free to join and last about 45 minutes. Normal admission prices to Coleton Fishacre apply.