Family fun at Coleton Fishacre

There's plenty of things to do with your little-ones come rain or shine at Coleton Fishacre when it reopens on Saturday 15 February. You can explore the woodland and build a den in the wild play area, complete a trail indoors or out and a 50 things to do before you're 11¾ event taking place in half term on Wild Wednesday.

In the house

The free spotter trail in the house challenges children to hunt for specific items. In the Kitchen there's a napkin folding activity which is perfect for little and big kids alike. There's also the handling room to visit; in here outfits and accessories from the 1920s and 30s are displayed, which you can rifle through and try on. The collection in the rest of the house is more delicate, so we ask that you don't touch items in other rooms. 

In the handling room you can try on outfits and accessories from the 1920s and 30s
A young girl handling items on a dressing table in Coleton Fishacre's handling room
In the handling room you can try on outfits and accessories from the 1920s and 30s


Garden trail

After being cooped up this winter, why not head out into the garden on the free trail. The plants are starting to wake and so are the residents of the garden. Find out which animals make their home here and how they do it. You can pick up the free trail from Visitor Reception when you arrive.  


50 things to do before you're 11¾

If you've not come across this before, we have created a list of ‘50 things’ to encourage families to play in nature together and build an enduring connection with wildlife. We want children to explore their senses in the wild, care for plants and creatures, and reflect on their feelings in different landscapes.

Are you up to our 50 things challenge? Some of the 50 thingsyou can tick off your list at Coleton Fishacre are:

4. Build a den

Next to the wild play area (on the path leading to Scout Point) there is an area dedicated to den building. Have a play in the dens that are there already, make them bigger and better, or have a go at making one of your own. Is it a castle, or pirate ship? The possibilites are endless.

25. Join nature's band

The grass on Cathedral Bank is nice and long, perfect for using to make a grass trumpet.

28. Climb a huge hill

A walk down to the bottom of the garden gives you a choice of large hills to climb up to get back to the top of the garden. You could even go through the gate at the bottom of the garden which leads to the South West Coast Path, which has a couple of great big hills along it.


50 things indoors

In 2020, Coleton Fishacre is one of the 13 places taking part in a new '50 things' indoors and you'll need to visit more than one place to complete them all.

Simply pick up a leaflet when you arrive at your first place and then collect the stickers every time you complete a task on your visits. The list contains everything from looking, listening, smelling and even tasting to talking and thinking together



Wild play

As you walk down toward the house, the first path you come to on your left leads out through Paddock Woods to Scout Point. The path has been levelled and widened so that pushchairs and wheelchairs can go along it more comfortably, and is well worth a walk along for the coastal views alone.

Even better for families though - towards the end of this path is a wild play area, where kids can climb, hop skip and jump on obstacles made from wood from the garden. There is a picnic bench and stools made from tree stumps where you can relax while your kids play - please always supervise children while they play in this area.