Cotehele's 2018 Garland: Commemorating the First World War

Making the Cotehele garland at Cotehele, Cornwall

Not many people know that Cotehele is a war memorial. To commemorate the centenary of the First World War there is currently an exhibition on display with items and stories shared by the local community. We are looking for an artist or craftsperson to help us tell this story further by creating work that will be displayed as part of Cotehele’s traditional Christmas garland for 2018.

What's the project?

The current exhibition at Cotehele has gathered some fascinating stories about the estate and its tenants at war and we are looking to explore some of these important stories more deeply and be able to share them. To achieve this, we want to commission an artist or craftsperson to produce a work based on a deeper exploration of Cotehele’s story of the First World War.

Stanley Breen on his horse during the First World War
Man on a horse during the First World War at Cotehele, Cornwall
Stanley Breen on his horse during the First World War

Utilising the opportunity of the 2018 garland, the final work is intended to be exhibited in conjunction with the garland in a thought-provoking display in Cotehele’s Grade I Great Hall.  

We are searching for an artist who can help bring Cotehele’s stories to life and provide a really engaging and stunning addition to the First World War commemorations. 


What are we looking for?

The work should be thought-provoking and inspired by Cotehele, therefore sensitive to the historical environment. It will need to complement the 62-year tradition of the garland and be understanding to the visual impact in the space.We expect the commission to be developed alongside Cotehele’s staff to create the best quality and engaging work. 

Want to know more? 

On 4 December, there will be an open day at Cotehele for anyone interested in applying, staff will be available to answer questions and talk about Cotehele and the garland’s history. Please email in advance if you would like to come along.   

Here is the full brief with further information:

Artists Brief for 2018 Cotehele (PDF / 0.384765625MB) download

or email Alison Cooper direct with any questions.  

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