Llyndy Isaf Scholarship

Learn about the history of the Llyndy Isaf scholarship scheme in Snowdonia that hosted five scholarships between 2012 - 2020.

Following a successful appeal to safeguard Llyndy Isaf farm in 2011, we worked with Wales YFC to offer an annual 13-month paid scholarship from 2012 for five years. The scheme was for Wales YFC members between the ages of 18 – 26.  

What was involved?

In addition to managing a flock of Welsh Mountain ewes and a herd of Welsh Black cattle, the farm takes part in the Glastir Agri-Environment scheme and includes several Sites of Scientific Special Interest (SSSI) so there was a strong emphasis on conservation farming. 

Scholars helped manage the control of invasive species such as Rhododendron and carried out practical maintenance such as walling and fencing. They were also encouraged to attend training courses, such as tractor driving, trailer towing, animal husbandry and shearing.

In addition to gaining valuable farming experience and qualifications, the successful scholar received a salary and the keys to a two-bedroom flat on the farm. 

Taking stock

The 13 month scholarship ran for 5 years before we decided to trial a 3 year apprentiship with the fith scholar, Teleri Fielden, which ended in 2020. The farm is currently being managed by the Hafod y Llan farm team. 



Thanks to you…

Over 20,000 people donated towards our £1million appeal - spearheaded by Welsh Hollywood actor, Matthew Rhys – allowing us to safeguard the farm and its rich wildlife for future generations.

Welsh Hollywood actor, Matthew Rhys at Llyn Dinas


We team up with Wales YFC

To offer an exciting scholarship programme, aimed at supporting the next generation of farmers and maintaining traditions.

Llyn Dinas in Llyndy Isaf, Gwynedd, Wales.


Caryl Hughes wins the first scholarship

It had been a while since the land was farmed, so when the first scholar, Caryl Hughes from Dyffryn Ceiriog, began she had her work cut out setting the place up and buying in stock.

Caryl Hughes and her dog Mist looking out over Llyn Dinas