Alex's Volunteering Experience - From Germany to Crom

The 'old castle' ruins at Crom estate, Fermanagh

In July, Alex came to County Fermanagh to spend three months volunteering with the National Trust on Crom Estate. All the way from Germany, Alex has shared with us an insight into what she got up to.

What was your first impression of Crom?

Admittedly before I arrived I did not know very much about the Trust’s work. However, when I first saw the estate after my journey from Germany, I was excited by just how beautiful this place is. Settling in was easy as everyone was very welcoming, and it did not take long until I became a member of a wonderful team. Soon, I discovered how big a task it is to run an Estate like Crom and it was a very interesting experience to be part of making sure it stays the lovely place it is as well as gaining an insight into the work that goes on behind the scenes.

The Summerhouse at Crom
The Summerhouse at Crom estate

What did you get up to on the estate?

As a volunteer in the visitor centre I very much enjoyed interacting with all the visitors and helping to make sure they had a great holiday or even simply an enjoyable day. The work was varied and so my days were always different. Additionally, I was also given the opportunity to work with the Rangers, which provided an insight into parts of the Estate which are not open to the public and gave me the opportunity to learn a number of new skills.

Deer at Crom
Group of deer

Can you sum your experience up for us?

If I had to try to sum up my time in Northern Ireland, during my three months at Crom, I chatted to numerous people from all over the country as well as from abroad, designed booking forms, prepared crafting activities, learned a lot about wildlife, picked up new vocabulary by playing “Guess the Vegetable” with children, learned how to drive a boat, lost one of my wellies in the mud and helped at several different events. I also looked for bats in complete darkness, learned how to use a walkie- talkie, assisted at weddings, helped young visitors find bugs and spiders, learned a lot about the local history, improved my English and above all, I made new friends, who made my time in County Fermanagh and at Crom, even more enjoyable.

A family boat trip on Lough Erne, Crom, Northern Ireland
A family boat trip on Lough Erne, Crom, Northern Ireland

Finally, would you recommend volunteering at Crom to others?

Volunteering with the National Trust has been a great experience which I would highly recommend to everyone, as it does not only mean you get to learn a huge range of new skills but most importantly, because it is a lot of fun. 

Click here to find out more information about our volunteering options at Crom, with a vaired number of roles - there is something to suit everyone.