Explore Upper Lough Erne at Crom

A view across Lough Erne to the Summerhouse at Crom

Upper Lough Erne is a slow flowing, meandering section of the Erne river in the southern half of County Fermanagh. Beautifully scenic at any time of the year, the many islands, peninsulas and bays of Upper Lough Erne offer lots to see and do.

Crom Estate, located on the southern shores of Upper Lough Erne, offers over 800 hectares of parkland, woodland and wetlands and is perhaps the best place to experience all that this area of has to offer.

Crom plays host to a vast array of rare wildlife so keep a careful eye out on your visit
One of the many butterflies to be found at Crom

Teeming with life

Upper Lough Erne is celebrated for its peace, tranquillity, beauty and above all, its wildlife. The area is well known for its lichens and fungi, whilst a large number of rare or endangered plants also occur here, for example blue-eyed grass, unique to Fermanagh.

The area is also rich in butterflies and moths, including the majestic silver-washed fritillary, the largest breeding butterfly in Northern Ireland. Many birds make use of the extensive wetlands of Upper Lough Erne. Keen-eyed visitors can expect to see swans, geese, great crested grebes and many grey herons.

A great crested grebe and chicks spotted at Crom
A great crested grebe and chicks on Lough Erne

Less obvious are some of the mammals to be found.These include the rare and elusive pine marten, as well as all of Northern Ireland’s eight species of bat. Other mammals of interest include red squirrel, fallow deer, Irish hare and otter.

Explore the estate

There are many ways to experience Upper Lough Erne at Crom. The estate has many walks and trails through woodlands, wetlands and along the Lough shore. More adventurous visitors can venture on to the water and see the area from a different viewpoint, by hiring a boat from the Visitors Centre at Crom.

Finally, for a more in depth experience of Upper Lough Erne, Crom offers seven award winning Holiday Cottages, allowing visitors to explore and experience all the beauty and delight of Upper Lough Erne.