The World Heritage Site at Avebury

The stone circle at Avebury, Wiltshire

Of course Avebury is famous for it's formidable stone circle, but explore this World Heritage Site a little further and you'll be amazed by the secrets hidden in the hills.

West Kennet Long Barrow

Enter the dark burial chambers of West Kennet Long Barrow, one of the first Neolithic monuments in the Avebury landscape.

Windmill Hill

Enjoy the spectacular view over the Avebury landscape from the Early Neolithic site of Windmill Hill. The site dates back to over 1,000 years before most of the monuments comprising the World Heritage Site were erected.

The Stone Circle

Wander among the stones of the inner circles and the great outer circle, and witness the enormity of the bank and ditch of Avebury Henge.

West Kennet Avenue

Stroll down West Kennet Avenue, which meanders down hill and then back up towards the Sanctuary

The Sanctuary

Although little is left of the Sanctuary now, 4,000 years ago this was a double stone circle linked to West Kennet Avenue. But was it at the beginning or the end?

Seven Barrows

On the top of Overton Hill is the well-preserved Bronze Age barrow cemetery known as Seven Barrows.