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07 Nov 17

Conservation Grazers

Here are the latest addition to our Gower team-these fantastic Welsh Mountain ponies are perfectly adapted to living on the marsh. They are doing a vital job for us, keeping the habitat at its very best for nature.

Ponies, used for conservation grazing on Cwm Ivy Marsh, Gower

18 Oct 17

Dawn at Cwm Ivy

It’s always worth getting up before the lark to watch the sunrise over Cwm Ivy marsh-how beautiful is this picture, taken from one of the bird hides

Dawn at Cwm Ivy, Gower

28 Sep 17

Special guest on the marsh

For the first time we’ve spotted an Osprey using Cwm Ivy marsh. Its presence significant as it demonstrates that the habitat has transformed with the new fully functioning saltmarsh able to support top predators like the Osprey.