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28 Jul 17

Making a leaf their home

There are such a wide variety of ecological niches on a salt marsh-this sea aster leaf is home to a tiny leaf mining moth larva. The larval stage is spent munching away, entirely within the confines of the fleshy leaves.

A simple leaf, the home of the larva of the leaf mining moth

11 Jul 17

Hidden amongst the plants

Cwm Ivy marsh is alive with the ‘stridulations’ of grasshoppers and crickets at this time of year…Just look at the amazing camouflage displayed by this grasshopper, hiding amongst the saltmarsh plants!

A grasshopper utilising its perfect camouflage for hiding amongst the saltmarsh plants, Cwm Ivy, Gower

29 Jun 17

It’s survey season!

Cwm Ivy recently provided the perfect platform for students from Malmsbury School, they learnt about the habitat transformation and surveyed the marsh to see what species they could find, outdoor learning at its best.

Surveying the saltmarsh plants at Cwm Ivy