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09 Mar 18

Frozen salt water!

You know it’s cold when even salt water freezes solid! The ‘beast from the east’ hit our shores this month and transformed the salt marsh into an ice rink!

Cwm Ivy marsh frozen solid in winter 2018, Gower

05 Feb 18

A full larder

No matter how cold it gets, Cwm Ivy remains a vital source of food for all kinds of bird, including these chaffinches, resting between feeding on the saltmarsh seeds.

Winter feeding chaffinches at Cwm Ivy, Gower

14 Dec 17

Saltmarsh plants get everywhere

Specially adapted, salt-tolerant plants really are all over the place at Cwm Ivy-here is some Thrift Armeria maritima growing on one of the trees..!

Saltmarsh plants grow everywhere - even on the trees at Cwm Ivy Marsh, Gower