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19 Jun 17

Schools Rule

It’s been a busy couple of months again… In April we held our third meeting of the Community Panel, and spent a good couple of hours chatting about how we can get out there, and in to local groups, to engage and capture knowledge for the project. We’re looking forward to developing this strand of the project and hoping for some really exciting community involvement. We’ve also been on full throttle prepping for the opening of the ‘Host Schools’ exhibition. Pupils from our local school, Sudbury primary, are being little stars and helping us out by being our first ‘Host School’ for the project. They’ve become enthusiastic and creative mini curators and we’re now about ready for the grand opening at the end of June. Look out for scrumptious sweet wrappers, completely cool characters and picturesque Polaroid pics in the exhibitions gallery from July until the beginning of October.

a retro curly wurly wrapper

20 Mar 17

Computer crazy!

This month, some of our museum team made the short trip over to Nottingham, to visit ‘Game City – the National Videogame Arcade’. It was really interesting to see how they’re using vintage computers there to engage visitors in learning about the history of games development. As well as having a go on lots of old video games, they also offered us a go on their ‘HTC Vive’ virtual reality headset, which was an enlightening experience! We’ve already added an early Sega Megadrive and Sinclair Spectrum computer to the displays in the project gallery, and we plan to add more technology. It’s great to hear parents talking with their children about what computers were like when they were young. Hopefully they’ll be lots of ways we can work with Game City in partnership in the future. Many thanks to Iain at Game City for an excellent tour of the site.

the early days of gaming

27 Jan 17

New exhibition displays

The collections team have been hard at work preparing new project displays ready for opening in February. We’ve added a number of new objects that have come in to the collection as part of the project, either through donation of via purchasing. Things to look out for include a 1980s Derby County boys training top and a new set of Weebles. We’re also experimenting with new ways of presenting information and labels for objects; hoping that these will encourage visitors to search through the gallery and look at each object in detail. We’ll be adding new furniture and activities to the gallery throughout March and April.

new display cabinets in the Museum of Childhood