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10 Oct 17

We’ve been busy collecting!

Although we’ve had the busy rush of summer, we’ve managed to get going on purchasing some more exciting objects for the collection. Purchases have included lots of objects from 1968, which is the year that the National Trust took over Sudbury Hall. We’ve now got an original Kerplunk game, complete with box of marbles, and a beautiful Corgi Magic Roundabout Carousel, which when wound, plays the show’s evocative theme tune. We’re also really happy to be able to add a vintage Ken doll, from 1962, to our collection of Barbie and Ken dolls. This doll was the second version of Barbie’s boyfriend that Mattel produced, the earlier 1961 version featured flock hair and was speedily replaced as Ken lost his hair far too quickly! We’re now working hard putting together a fresh gallery for the growing collection of new objects. Watch this space; it will be open before Christmas.

Ken doll

29 Jun 17

Host school pupils open their exhibition

The end of June brought with it a big celebration. The pupils from Sudbury Primary school gathered with their family, along with staff from the school, to officially open their exhibition in our 'Gallery 8'. We had a lovely presentation, with lots of cheering as the children received their 'Mini Curator' badges. The ‘Mini Curators’ then they took their family members up to the gallery to give them a tour and show them the objects that they chose, which are displayed alongside the project work inspired by their choices. All had a great time and big thanks are due to all, but especially to the enthusiastic children and staff at Sudbury Primary School, and to our inspirational Learning Officer, Kat Ralls. You can also see the children explain and talk about the exhibition in their film. You can visit the exhibition at the Museum until the 2nd of October 2017.

19 Jun 17

Schools Rule

It’s been a busy couple of months again… In April we held our third meeting of the Community Panel, and spent a good couple of hours chatting about how we can get out there, and in to local groups, to engage and capture knowledge for the project. We’re looking forward to developing this strand of the project and hoping for some really exciting community involvement. We’ve also been on full throttle prepping for the opening of the ‘Host Schools’ exhibition. Pupils from our local school, Sudbury primary, are being little stars and helping us out by being our first ‘Host School’ for the project. They’ve become enthusiastic and creative mini curators and we’re now about ready for the grand opening at the end of June. Look out for scrumptious sweet wrappers, completely cool characters and picturesque Polaroid pics in the exhibitions gallery from July until the beginning of October.

a retro curly wurly wrapper