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22 Jan 19

Snowdrops in the snow

With the big freeze happening earlier in the week, we were all wondering how the newly budding snowdrops would cope. However, the thick blanket of snow didn't phase these little wonders and, despite their petite stature, they're well equipped to withstand low temperatures. Much like when animals go into hibernation the snowdrops simply slip into 'suspended animation' by slowing down or stopping their growth until the temperatures rise again. Though we've learnt never to underestimate the snowdrops capacity to withstand the harsh elements, the biggest risk still posed to these plants is being trodden on by welly boots and paws.

Snowdrops in the snow

15 Jan 19

Snowdrop season has arrived

We always expect snowdrops to be one of the first flowers to bloom, but even this is earlier then usual 5th of February arrival. However, to our delight, the first clusters of these pearly white plants have appeared near the Rose Garden gates and Blenheim Lawn. You can pick up a snowdrop walk leaflet, free of charge, from the information centre in the Walled Garden car park.

Snowdrops Cliveden 2019

07 Jan 19

The first snowdrops mean spring is on its way

Hurrah! The first clump of snowdrops in bloom have been spotted this morning. Gardener Ian saw this lovely lot in the less visited garden, the Illex Grove. This is just a small clump and the rest of the snowdrop bulbs are still quite low in the ground. Keep an eye on this page and we'll update you with the next snowdrop sighting.

Snowdrops Cliveden