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06 Jun 18

Cleft chestnut work

The ranger team, together with our contractor, have started to cleft chestnut, which was felled in the valley earlier in the year. This is a traditional technique which will create beautiful gates for the valley, which will be vital for when grazing is reintroduced in summer 2019.

Volunteer rangers cleft chestnut in Fishpool Valley

07 May 18

Repairing the historic structures

Building repair works are underway to conserve four historic structures within the valley; an Icehouse, Limekiln, Grotto and Pumphouse. Each structure was carefully cleared of its vegetation by our ranger volunteer team before work started. We’ve also been working alongside archaeologists and ecologists to ensure the things that make our valley special are fully protected whilst the works are being undertaken. The historic structures are in urgent need of conservation works, including strengthening and stabilisation. After the work has been completed, the buildings won’t look much different, but they will be protected for future generations and will be safe for you to view. For example, we hope to install a timber viewing platform inside the Gothick Pumphouse, which will allow you to see inside the building safely for the first time. You’ll also be able to see the remains of the beam pump and water wheel.

The limekiln in Fishpool Valley after restoration work

23 Apr 18

Opening up lost Picturesque walks

The ranger team, together with contractors, have been clearing and re-opening paths through the valley which were originally designed to overlook sweeping vistas and Picturesque elements of the landscape in the eighteenth-century. It's incredible to have these opened up once again; why don't you go off the beaten track on your next visit?

People walking along the newly opened up walks through Fishpool Valley at Croft Castle in Herefordshire