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05 Feb 18

Opening up key views

This is a key view from one of the seats in the valley, looking down at the limekiln and one of the pools. Our Ranger team have been hard at work opening up views from 21 different seats in the valley, which are all starting to realise the lost views within the Picturesque landscape laid out in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Sensitive thinning will continue in a similar vein over the next four years.

A key view looking down at the limekiln in Fishpool Valley at Croft Castle in Herefordshire

18 Sep 17

Woodland management

At present, Fishpool Valley is choked by secondary growth where trees have prevented light reaching the valley floor. In order to improve woodland management, the project aims to create a diverse range of species and age-structure of trees. Early Ordnance Survey maps for the valley show considerably more sparse populations of trees in the different valley areas and it is a balance between this level of cover and one which is sympathetic to the ecological significances of the valley, which the Trust will be working towards achieving over the next five years. Sensitive thinning using experienced conservation foresters occurred from September to November, with the next phase of work commencing in February. They have experience working with protected species, which is particularly important, as part of the valley is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) due to its bird life, aquatic plants and lichens, and its protected species which include several species of bat and the endangered white clawed crayfish. Some species in the SSSI listing for the valley have not been recorded for over two decades, and this is largely believed to be down to the increase in shading on pool sides and the valley floor generally. Gradual thinning of invasive tree and shrub growth will reduce impacts on the ecology and wildlife that might otherwise occur from sudden changes to light levels from large areas of block felling. Thinning will therefore continue in stages over the next five years, avoiding the bat hibernation and bird nesting seasons. Secondary tree clearance will open up those lost Picturesque vistas and will also improve the diversity of the woodland structure and enable other species to thrive by increasing light levels in the valley.

Conservation foresters in Fishpool Valley at Croft Castle in Herefordshire

13 Sep 17

Archaeological investigations

From 14 August to 15 September, our team of archaeologists and volunteers have been carrying out excavations in Fishpool Valley. These investigations have unearthed fascinating built structures, cascades, spillways and more, helping us to piece together a clearer image of Fishpool Valley as it would have looked during the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. Follow the link to our archaeology article below to find out more about these discoveries.

A tunnel which has been unearthed in Fishpool Valley