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06 Jun 19

Cleaning and packing away the Whistler backdrop

It may seem quiet around the house at the moment, but there's always a lot going on behind the scenes as we continue to prepare and move items in some of the closed rooms for the contractors to work. The House and Collections team were recently joined by an expert paintings conservator, Annabelle, to help clean and store a large theatre backdrop painted by the artist Rex Whistler in the 1930s. This painting is now safely packed away until after the works are complete. You can still see the Rex Whistler mural in the dining room at Plas Newydd until the house closes for winter on 3 November 2019.

The house and collections team getting ready to move the Rex Whistler painting.

01 May 19

Under the floorboards.

Over the Easter period, the team of specialist contractors carried out ‘opening up’ works, mainly in the bathroom and landing area upstairs. If you visited us during the last few weeks, you would have seen a sped up film of the team putting up a specialist tent in order to carry out asbestos investigation in a safe and controlled environment. This essential work will now provide the contractors with accurate information on what type of asbestos is on site, which areas under the floorboards the asbestos can be found and to what degree and how much room there is for new pipework. Our upstairs rooms are now open again as we prepare for the next stage of the process. Thank you to all our visitors who came along over Easter, the team were really pleased to have so many positive reactions and great questions about the project. #PlacesMatter

A contractor in full suit and mask working in the asbestos decontamination tent at Plas Newydd.

01 Apr 19

It's starting to look a bit different.

During April, a specialist team of contractors will be cracking on with some of the essential investigative works inside the house in preparation for our reservicing project. The route through the house will be a little different from the norm, and you may see a few more people in work wear about! As this work begins, our aim is to keep disruption to a minimum for all our visitors, volunteers and staff who visit the house. We will also be keeping everyone up to date and as involved as possible. If you are planning to visit us between the 1st and 28 April 2019, you will see some of these changes taking place. We will be sharing recent video footage of work going on so that you can see exactly what is happening ‘behind the scenes’. Our volunteers, staff and contractors are all keen to share the story with you, so please don’t be afraid to ask what’s happening!

A safety structure in the Breakfast room at Plas Newydd.