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03 Feb 20

Preparing the roof for slate

Work has resumed on the Rotunda roof, as construction workers begin to prepare the roof for re-slating. The preparation includes a process known as 'sarking' which will help the roof remain watertight and reinforce the slate

16 Dec 19

Ickworth's roof is nearly ready for repair

You can see the undulations and repair work needed to mend Ickworth's leaking roof. It has now been completely stripped and is nearly ready for the slates to go on.

Slates on roof Ickworth

03 Dec 19

A bare roof at Ickworth

The Rotunda roof is nearly completely bare, with construction working at a fast pace to strip the roof of all the old slate. The roof is nearly ready for repair as 7,000 new slates will be placed on the roof of Ickworth.

slates off roof Ickworth